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For all the couples who have filed for the legal separation divorce support is a major concern. Whether it is the spousal support or child support or distribution of property – the settlement is done by the court if there is no pre nuptial agreement between the spouses regarding the divorce support. Likewise the Wisconsin divorce support is also decided by the court according to the state regulations and on the basis of the financial and social circumstances so many other factors that are related top the parties concerned. On the basis of the evidences produced by the parties at the court the decision regarding the divorce support is taken by the court. Therefore much depends on the way prepare for the case and present the case to the court. For that you need to have a comprehensive idea of the Wisconsin divorce support regulations.

Wisconsin spousal support – The issue of the Wisconsin spousal support is settled by the court according to the Wisconsin Statutes - Sections: 767.26, 767.261, 767.29. The spousal support can be of permanent or temporary nature or the court can also order for an interim alimony to be paid during the divorce litigation process. The type of the spousal support and amount of the support is decided by court on the basis of the following points.

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age and heath conditions of both the parties
  • Living standard of the spouses during the marriage
  • Gross income of both the parties
  • Other liabilities of both the spouses
  • Education, training, employability of the unemployed spouse.
  • Marital and other properties of both the spouses.

Wisconsin child support – In Wisconsin child support issue is settled by the court according to the Wisconsin Statutes - Sections: 767.10, 767.25, 767.261, 767.265. For calculation of the child support the court follows the Percentage of Income formula where the required amount is applied as a percentage to the income of the non custodian parent. There are so many factors that are considered by the court to decide the required amount for the child support including but not limiting to the following points.

  • Number of minor children eligible to get the support.
  • The age of the children.
  • Expenses towards education, food, shelter, care, treatment, insurance etc.
  • If there is special need of the child.

Property distribution in Wisconsin divorce – In the state of Wisconsin distribution of property is done according to the Wisconsin Statutes - Sections: 766.01, 766.97, 767.255. Being a community property state, all the marital properties are considered as community property and divided by the court equally between the spouses.

In short the settlement of the Wisconsin divorce support is completely the court’s discretion and the court always makes sure that both the parties get equal justice. Therefore, the settlement is made in a way that both the parties can support themselves while not being a burden to the other spouse.

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