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Divorce support is settled by the family court where the divorce litigation is going on. The court decides on the Texas divorce support issues on the basis of the state statutes. The decision regarding Texas divorce support primarily depends on the requirement of the spouses and the financial and social standings of the parties. Therefore, these factors are carefully scrutinized by the court during the divorce litigation. As these factors vary from couple to couple the decision regarding the Texas divorce support also varies from case to case. As the support issues depend on the circumstances, the court might change the decision if the circumstances change in the future.

Texas spousal support - Family Code - Chapters: 8.001-8.055 Spousal support is provided by one spouse to the other to help him or her in living. Spousal support can be of different types. It can be permanent that is to be paid throughout the life of the payer or till the recipient remarries. Another type of alimony is the temporary alimony that is paid for a specific period of time as ordered by the court. The nature and amount of TX spousal support is decided by the court on the basis of different factors including the following.

  • Duration of the marriage.
  • Age and health of the parties.
  • Requirement of the parties.
  • Standard of life attained during marriage.
  • Income of the parties.
  • Properties held by the parties.
  • Financial obligation of the parties.

Texas child support Child support is ordered to ensure proper up bringing of the child of the divorced spouses. In the state of Texas the court decides on the child support according to the Texas Code - Family Code - Chapters: 154.001-154.309. The child support is calculated by the court on the basis of the Income Shares Model. In this process the required amount of child support is divided between the spouses according to their income. Then these amounts are compared to decide who will pay for TX child support.

Property division in Texas divorce Court is final authority to divide the properties between the divorced spouses. In Texas the division of property is done by the court according to the Texas Code - Family Code - Chapters: 7.001-7.006. As Texas is a community property state, all the marital properties are considered as community property. These properties are equally divided between the spouses by the court. While dividing the properties the court only considers the marital properties that were acquired by the spouses after the marriage and before the legal separation ordered by the court. Any other properties held by the spouses are considered as separate property and not divided by the court.

While deciding on the Texas divorce support the primary concern of the court is to ensue that both the parties get equal justice and are benefited from the decision. This is to make sure that none of the parties encounter any financial hardship after the divorce.

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