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Temporary support orders

After divorce and if you are dependent on your husband for your requirements you can ask for temporary support. During temporary support you can receive monetary help from your husband, till you are able to sustain yourself.

Temporary support is also known as spousal support. This is a monthly payment which is given when a spouse is unemployed. The court would have to grant temporary support, after legal hearings.

Temporary support orders-

Temporary support orders would have to be granted by the judge. These orders are only given if you are entitled for the same. During temporary support monetary assistance is provided usually to the wife, if not an earning member. Temporary support is only provided for a certain amount of time. The judge may either tell the husband to provide certain amount of money every month or pay certain household bills. The amount granted by the judge, would depend on the situation or the standard of living.

Reason why temporary support is granted-

The main reason as to why temporary support orders came into force is so that there is no decrease in the standard of living after seperation.

Separated women are usually granted temporary support by their ex-husbands. Single mothers who would have to bring up their children would be granted temporary support, until they get a job or until they are financially stable. In some cases, if the husband is experiencing financial problems, his wife would have to provide support till some point in time. Only after the judge reviews the case and if he feels you are eligible for temporary support you would get the same.

Filing for temporary support-

One would have to file for temporary support along with required paperwork. You would need to take the help of your attorney, so that you get the required papers. There would be a filing fee which you would require to pay and you would also require to explain yourself in court as to why you need temporary support.

Some factors linked to temporary support orders are as follows-

  1. The length of the marriage
  2. The standard of living maintained by he couple during marriage
  3. The emotional state, age, physical condition and financial condition
  4. The time duration temporary support would be required for education purposes or till one gets employed.

Temporary support would stop if the spouse receiving financial aid re-marries. If the ex-spouse re-marries the responsibility of providing financial aid is no more. As one re-marries, the responsibility of ensuring a good or secure standard of living passes on to the new spouse.

The amount money which would be paid during temporary support would entirely depend on the need for support and the ability to pay the money. Temporary support is mainly granted so that your wife is able to lead the same sort of lifestyle which was led while being married.

It should be noted that chances of temporary support would diminish, if adultery was committed on your behalf. Temporary support would only be granted till you get financially independent.

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