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South Dakota Divorce Support

Divorce support is settled by the court if there is no pre nuptial agreement between the spouses regarding divorce support. If there is any such agreement existing between the spouses, they are bound to go by that agreement. Otherwise the court is authority to decide on the matter as per the state statutes. As the regulations vary from state to state, different aspects of divorce support also vary from one state to the other. In the state of South Dakota, support issues are settled by the court according to the family and divorce law of the state and the circumstantial evidences provided by the spouses.

SD spousal support – In the state of South Dakota spousal support is ordered by the court according to the South Dakota Laws - Volume 9A - Title 25 - Chapters: 25-4-42, 25-4-44, 25-4-45. Spousal support can of different types – it can be of permanent or temporary nature and the court can even ordered for an interim alimony to be paid during the time of the divorce litigation. The issues of spousal support including the type of the support and the amount of the support are settled by the court o the basis of different factors including the following.

  • Duration of the marriage and the conduct of the parties during that period of time.
  • Age and health conditions of the parties.
  • Standard of living attained during the marriage and financial requirement to maintain that standard after the divorce.
  • Income of the parties from all the sources.
  • Marital and other properties held by both the spouses and income from the properties.
  • Child custody, visitation arrangements and child support.
  • Other financial obligations of the parties.

SD child support – The child support issues in the state of South Dakota is settled by the court according to the South Dakota Laws - Volume 9A - Title 25 - Chapters: 25-3-11, 25-4-38, 25-4-45, 25-7. The child support in this state is calculated by the court on the basis of the Income Shares Model and after considering the following factors.

  • Number of children.
  • Age and health of the children.
  • Financial requirement towards the care, education and treatment of the children.
  • If there is any special requirement of the children towards treatment and education.
  • Earning of the parents.

SD property division – In South Dakota marital properties are divided by the court between the spouses according to the South Dakota Laws - Volume 9A - Title 25 - Chapters: 25-4-44, 25-4-45. Being an ‘equitable distribution’, state, properties here are divided equitably and not equally. After considering other related factors, distribution of property is done is a way that is felt just by the court.

When it comes to South Dakota divorce support the primary concern of the court is to settle the support is such a manner that neither of the parties face any financial hardship after the divorce and get benefited equally from the settlement.

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