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Pennsylvania Divorce Support

Pennsylvania divorce support matters are settled by the court according to the state statutes. Different aspects of the divorce support like the spousal support, child support and distribution of property are done by the court after considering so many factors. These factors that give a fair idea of the requirement and financial resources of the parties are crucial for deciding on the support issues. That is why the court meticulously examines these aspects before granting the divorce support that ensure proper distribution of the wealth arrangement of support that is required.

Pennsylvania spousal support – Spousal support is ordered to support the living of either of the spouses who is unemployed or unable to maintain him or herself. In Pennsylvania spousal support is ordered by the court according to the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes - Title 23 - Sections: 3701, 3702, 3704, 3706. The spousal support can be of permanent or temporary nature depending on the requirement of the recipient of the support. The court while deciding on the type and the amount of PA spousal support considers different factors including the following points,

  • Age and health conditions of the parties.
  • Duration of the marriage and role played by both the spouses as home maker and rearing the child.
  • Living standard attained by the spouses during the marriage and requirement to maintain that standard of living after the marriage.
  • Earning of the parties from all the sources and tax consequences.
  • Marital and non marital properties and other assets held by the parties and earning from those assets.
  • Child support and other financial obligations of the parties.

Pennsylvania child support - The settlement regarding the child support is done by the court according to the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes - Title 23 - Sections: 4322. The child support is decided in Pennsylvania as per the Income Shares Model. In this process the required monthly child support is divided proportionately according to the income of the parents of the child. Then these two amounts are offset with each other to decide who will actually pay for the child support. The amount of the child support is decided on the basis of the set guideline and the income of the parents is calculated as per the previous W-2.

Property distribution in Pennsylvania divorce – Distribution of property is done in the state of Pennsylvania according to the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes - Title 23 - Sections: 3501, 3502, 3505. Being an ‘equitable distribution’ state, properties are distributed by the court equitably between the spouses. In this process the court distributes the marital properties in a manner that it feels justified after considering different factors.

While deciding on the Pennsylvania divorce support, the primary concern of the court is to ensure that none of the spouses face any financial hardship even after the divorce. This arrangement of the Pennsylvania divorce support may not eliminate the mental and emotional trauma of the people associated with divorce but can always reduces the financial insecurities that crop in with every dissolution of marriage.

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