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When it comes to the Oregon divorce support, the court is deciding authority. The order for the divorce is passed by the court along with the decree of the court. Oregon divorce support settlement is done by the court according to the state statutes and on the basis of the circumstances. The financial and social standing of the parties involved are the basis of the court’s decision. As these factors vary from couple to couple the divorce support also varies from case to case according to the circumstances. So whether it is the spousal support or child support or distribution of property you can really take things for granted as the decision of the court essentially depends on the circumstances.

Oregon spousal support – Spousal support is ordered by the court on the basis of the Oregon Statutes - Volume 2 - Sections: 107.036, 107.105, 107. 412. While deciding on the type of the spousal support and the amount required for the spousal support the court considers different aspects related to the requirement and resources of both the spouses including the following points.

  • Duration of the marriage and role played by each of the spouses during that period.
  • Age and health conditions of the spouses.
  • Education, training and employability of the unemployed spouse.
  • Earning of both the spouses along with other resources of earning.
  • Requirement of both the spouses to maintain themselves.
  • Standard of living maintained during the marriage.

Oregon child support – Rearing the child according to the Oregon divorce support laws is the responsibility of both the parents. In Oregon the child support issue is dealt as per the Oregon Statutes - Volume 2 - Sections: 107.105, 107.106, 107.820. In the state of Oregon child support is calculated as per the Income Shares Model. In this method the court decides on the required child support according to the worksheet and considering the age, education cost, expenses of the treatment and insurance of the child. Then this required amount is divided among the parents according to their income. The amounts are then compared to decide who will pay for the child support. While deciding on the child support the court also considers the child custody and visitation arrangements as well.

Oregon property division in divorce – In Oregon properties are divided by the court between the spouses on the basis of Oregon Statutes - Volume 2 - Sections: 107.036, 107.105. Being an ‘equitable distribution’ state, properties are distributed by the court equitably between the spouses. This is not an equal distribution of the properties, rather the court distributes the marital properties in a manner that it feels just after considering different aspects related to the financial standing and earning of the parties.

While deciding on different aspects of the Oregon divorce support, the court meticulously scrutinizes the financial condition of the parties, their earning capacity and present earning resources. It helps the court to settle the support related issues in a way that ensures none of the parties face any financial hardship after the divorce.

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