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Divorce support is a matter of great concern for all the couples who have filed for divorce at the court of law. The issue is settled by the court according to the state statutes and set guidelines for the spousal support, child support and distribution of property. While deciding on the Oklahoma divorce support the court primarily considers the financial and social standing of the parties. There are so many factors that are judged by the court before deciding on the various aspects of divorce support.

Oklahoma spousal support Spousal support is provided by one spouse to the other to support his or her living. This support is not mandatory to all the divorce cases but depends on the order of the court. Court awards the spousal support on the basis of the petition of either of the spouse or of its own if there is a necessary felt by the court. In the state of Oklahoma spousal support is settled according to the Oklahoma Statutes - Title 43 - Sections: 121 and 136. The court decides on the type of the spousal support and the amount of the support after considering the following aspects,

  • Duration of the marriage.
  • Standard of living during the marriage.
  • Age and health of the spouses.
  • Earning capacity, education, past work experience of the spouses.
  • Property and income from property.
  • The capacity of the payer to pay the support

Oklahoma child support Child support is decided by the Oklahoma courts according to the Oklahoma Statutes - Title 43 - Sections: 110,112,118,119,121 and 136. In the state of Oklahoma child support is given on the basis of the Income Shares Model. In this process the amount of the child support is decided by the court on the basis of the available worksheet. Then the amount is divided between the parents according to their income and then these two amounts are compared to decide who will pay for the child support. While deciding on the amount of the child support the court also considers the following aspects,

  • Health insurance and dental insurance premium of the child.
  • Details of the custody, visitation expenses.
  • Child care expenses required for the child.
  • If the child requires special medical or day care that cost.

Oklahoma property division in divorce In Oklahoma marital properties are distributed according to the Oklahoma Statutes - Title 43 - Sections: 121. In the state of Oklahoma marital properties are equitably distributed by the court between the spouses after considering different aspects. The court first of all marks the marital properties that are acquired by them during the time of the marriage. Then the valuation of the properties is done and then divided accordingly between the spouses.

While deciding on the Oklahoma divorce support the court makes sure that both the parties get equal benefits and share same amount of responsibilities. While the spousal support guarantees the same standard of living, child support equally divides the responsibility of rearing the child.

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