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North Carolina Divorce Support

Divorce support issues are settled by the family court where the divorce litigation is filed by the couples. Different aspects of the divorce support including the spousal support, child support and the distribution of the property is settled by the court according to the statutes and guideline of the state where the spouses related to the case are residing. In case of the North Carolina divorce support as well the court follows the North Carolina state statutes and decision is made upon the circumstantial evidences produced by the parties at the court.

NC spousal support - Spousal support is not mandatory for all the spouses. It essentially depends on the financial and social standing of the spouses. In the state of North Carolina spousal support is awarded according to the North Carolina Statutes - Chapter 50 - Sections: 50-16. The court orders for a permanent or temporary alimony in favor of either of the spouses on the basis of the circumstances. The decision about the type of the support and the amount of the support depends on various aspects including the following.

  • Duration of the marriage and if there is evidence of misconduct on the part of either of the spouses during that period of time.
  • Present earning, future scope of earning as well as the earning capacity of both the spouses.
  • Earning from other sources like properties, insurance, retirement, dividends and everything else is taken into consideration.
  • Contribution of one spouse in the education and training of other spouse.
  • Contribution of both the spouses in home making and rearing the children.

NC child support The issue of the child support is dealt by the court as per the North Carolina Statutes - Chapter 50 - Sections: 50-13.4. In the state of North Carolina child support is calculated according to the Income Shares Model. In this process the court decides on the child support according to the set guideline and on the basis of the worksheet. The court also considers different factors that will help them to determine the exact amount required to maintain the child. Then the required child support amount is divided between the parents according to their income and these two amounts are compared to decide who will pay for the child support.

NC property division in divorce In state of North Carolina, the distribution property is done by the court according to the North Carolina Statutes - Chapter 50 - Sections: 50-20. Being an equitable distribution" state, properties in North Carolina is distributed by the court equitably between the spouses after considering the following factors.

  • Income of the parties and the properties held by them at the time of the marriage and at the begin of the legal process of divorce
  • Requirement of the custodian parent to occupy the martial residence
  • The character of the property whether marital or non marital.
  • Probable future financial condition of the parties.

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