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New Mexico Divorce Support

Like all other states in the United States, New Mexico divorce support issues are also settled by the court according to the state statues. If there is any pre-nuptial agreement between the spouses regarding the New Mexico divorce support, both the spouses are bound to abide by that agreement. Otherwise, the court passes its judgment regarding the divorce support that needs to be accepted and obeyed by the parties. The issue of the divorce support is decided by the court on the basis of the circumstantial evidences provided by the parties in support of their requirement and financial and status.

NM spousal support Spousal support is provided by one of the spouses to the other to support his or her living. In the state of New Mexico spousal support is decided by the court according to the New Mexico Statutes - Article 4 - Sections: 40-4-7. The court might order for a permanent spousal support or temporary support according to the requirement. The court can even order for an interim alimony or pendente lite. The type of the support and the amount of the support is decided by the court after considering number of factors including the following.
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age and health condition of the parties.
  • Education, vocational training, employability and past work experience.
  • Earning of both the parties.
  • The chance of getting employed by the party who is seeking maintenance
  • Standard of living attained during the marriage and the requirement to maintain that standard.
  • Marital property and non marital property and earning from the property
NM child support Child support is awarded by the court to support the rearing of the child and equally divide the responsibility of child between the parents. The New Mexico child support is decided by the court according to the New Mexico Statutes - Article 4 - Sections: 27-2-27, 40-4-7, 40-4-11. In the state of New Mexico child support is calculated as per the Income Shares Model where the support is divided according to the income percentages of both the parents and then compared to decide who will actually pay the support. The required amount for the child support is decided by the court according to the set guideline and the worksheet available with the court. While deciding on the child support the court also considers the requirement of the child and the capacity of the parents to pay for the support.

NM property division in divorce The issue of the property distribution is settled by the court in the state of New Mexico according to the New Mexico Statutes - Article 4 - Sections: 40-3-8, 40-4-7. Being a community property state, all the properties in state is considered as community property and equally divided between the spouses.

While deciding on the New Mexico divorce support the court always ensures that both the parties get the financial stability so that they can maintain themselves.

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