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New Hampshire Divorce Support

New Hampshire divorce support is applicable for all the spouses in this state who have sought for the legal separation or dissolution of the marriage at the court. The court while deciding on different issues related to the divorce also decides on the New Hampshire divorce support matters. Different aspects of the New Hampshire divorce support is decided by the court according to the state statutes and on the basis of the financial and social standing of the parties. As the circumstances vary from one couple to the other, the verdict of the court regarding the divorce support matters also vary from case to case.

NH spousal support The issue of the spousal support is dealt by the court in the state of New Hampshire according to the New Hampshire Statutes - Chapters: 458:19. The court on the basis of the evidences provided by the parties decides on the type and amount of the support. It also considers different aspects including the following points.
  • Duration of the marriage and the role played by each of the spouses during the marriage and their conduct to each other during the time of the marriage.
  • Age of the parties and the physical and mental health conditions.
  • Social and economical status of the parties.
  • Income and the source of income of both the spouses.
  • Properties and income from them.
  • Financial liabilities including the tax consequences of the parties.
NH child support Child support is ordered by the court to ensure that both the parents share the responsibilities of rearing the child. It is generally paid by the non custodian parent to the custodian of the child. In New Hampshire the child support issue is settled according to the New Hampshire Statutes - Chapters: 458:17, 458:18. In New Hampshire the child support is calculated in the Percentage of Income Formula where a percentage is applied to the income of the non custodian parent according to the number of the minor children who need the support. Apart from this simplified procedure the court also considers the following aspects,
  • Special need of the children
  • Extraordinary educational or medical costs
  • Expenses towards the life and health insurance of the children
  • Income and tax obligations of both the parents
  • Possession of marital property and other properties.
NH property division in divorce In the state of New Hampshire the property distribution between the spouses are done by the court according to the New Hampshire Statutes - Chapters: 458:16. Being an "equitable distribution" state, the marital properties in the state of New Hampshire is divided equitably by the court between both the spouses. It does not mean an equal division of the properties but rather a more justified and proper way of dividing the properties.

The New Hampshire divorce support is settled in such manner that both the spouses get equal benefits and do not face any financial constraint resulting from the divorce.

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