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Nevada Divorce Support

The issue of the Nevada divorce support is settled by the court according to the state statutes and as per the circumstances of the case. As the Nevada divorce support issues depend on the financial and social standing of the spouses involved in the case, the court takes an in-depth account of the details regarding those points. As these information are unique for each couple the decision regarding the divorce support also varies from one case to the other. While deciding on the spousal support, child support and distribution of properties the court always ensure equal justice to both the spouses and supports the financially weaker spouse.

NV spousal support – Spousal support is awarded by the court on the basis of the petition of either of the spouses and if the court feels that the claim is justified. In some cases the court might also award the spousal support on its own it finds out that one of the spouse need that help for maintaining him or her self. In the state of Nevada spousal support is granted according to the Nevada Statutes - Chapter 125 - Sections: 150. While deciding on the NV alimony, the court considers different aspects including the following points,
  • Duration of the marriage.
  • Age of the parties.
  • Physical and mental health of spouses.
  • Standard of living during the marriage.
  • If the payer of the alimony acquired better education and training during the marriage
  • If the recipient of the alimony supported family financially while the other spouse acquired that training or education.
  • Marital properties and separate property.
NV child support – In the state of Nevada the child support is awarded by the court according to the Nevada Statutes - Chapter 125 - Sections: 230, 070, 080, 090. The child support is generally given by the non custodian parent to support the minor children. In the state of Nevada the child support is given as per the Percentage of Income Formula. In this process certain percentage is applied to the income of the non custodian parent according to the number of minor children who need the support.

NV property division in divorce – The properties in the state of Nevada are divided by the court according to the Nevada Statutes - Chapter 125 - Sections: 150. As Nevada is a ‘Community property’ state all the marital properties of the spouses are considered as community property and then the properties are divided equally between the parties on a 50-50 basis. While dividing the properties in this way the court also considers the properties that are held on a joint tenancy basis. If either of the party has made contribution from the separate property while acquiring a joint property, then the court orders for a compensation for that party in the verdict.

Different aspects of the Nevada divorce support are settled by the court on the basis of the circumstances of each case and if the circumstances change in future the court might modify the order.

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