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Nebraska Divorce Support

The Nebraska divorce support amount is decided by the court on the basis of the state statutes. The court is sole and ultimate authority to decide on the divorce support. The decision of the court regarding the Nebraska divorce support completely depends on the circumstances. That includes the social and financial standing of the spouses and as these aspects are unique for each case the decision about the divorce support also verifies from one case to the other. The decision of the court may be modified by the court itself in the future if the circumstances changes in course of time or either of the parties fails to abide by the order of the court regarding the Nebraska divorce support.

NE spousal support Spousal support is given by one spouse to the other so that the financially weaker spouse or the unemployed spouse can maintain him or herself. The support is awarded by the court on the basis of the petition filed by either of the spouses and according to the Nebraska Statutes - Chapter 42 - Sections: 365. To decide the type of the support and the amount of the alimony in NE alimony, the court considers various aspects including the following points.
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Contribution of each party to the marriage
  • Contribution towards the education and care of the children
  • Interruption to personal education and career due to marriage
  • Chance of the recipient of the support to get a gainful employment
NE child support The child support in the state of Nebraska is decided by the court according to the Nebraska Statutes - Chapter 42 - Sections: 364. The child support in this state is calculated as per the Income Shares Model. In this process the child support is decided as per the guideline and then divided proportionately between the parents on the basis of their income. These two amounts are then balanced with each other to decide who will pay for the child support.

NE property division in divorce The marital properties are divided between the spouses on the basis of the Nebraska Statutes - Chapter 42 - Sections: 365. As Nebraska is an "equitable distribution" state the properties are equitably distributed by the court after considering different aspects. While distributing the properties the court firstly classifies the marital and separate properties and decides on the valuation of the properties and then divides the properties on the basis of the asset value of the properties.

The settlement of the Nebraska divorce support is done by the court in such a way that both the spouses get equal benefits. While the spousal support ensures that both the spouses maintain themselves in the same standard that was attained during the marriage, the child support makes sure that both the parents share equal responsibilities towards rearing the child. In short Nebraska divorce support makes sure that none of the spouses and the child suffers from any financial hardship that might arise from the divorce.

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