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Missouri Divorce Support

Like in any other states in United States the Missouri divorce support issues are also settled by the family court where the divorce petition is filed by the parties. The family court takes the decision on the Missouri divorce support on the basis of the Missouri State Statutes. The court has the sole and ultimate discretion regarding the Missouri divorce support. While deciding on different aspects of the divorce support the court essentially considers the income resources, financial standing and requirement of the parties. As these conditions differ from case to case the verdict also varies from one case to the other.

MO spousal support

The issue of the Missouri divorce support is settled by the court according to the Missouri Statutes - Title 30 - Chapter 452 - Sections: 335 and 345. The spousal support is ordered in favor of the spouse who is economically weaker and need the support. To decide on the nature of the support and the amount of the spousal support the court consider different factors including the following,
  • The requirement of the parties to maintain the same standard of life.
  • Gross income of both the spouses from all the sources.
  • Financial obligation of the parties including child support and tax consequences.
  • Earning capacity of the parties.
  • Age and physical and mental health conditions of the parties.
  • Duration of the marriage and conduct of the parties during that period.
MO child support -

The child support is settled by the Missouri courts on the basis of the Missouri Statutes - Title 30 - Chapter 452 - Sections: 340 and 345. In the state of Missouri the child support is calculated as per the Income Shares Model, where the required child support is divided as per the income percentage of the parents. Then the amounts are compared with each other to decide who will pay for the support. To calculate the amount of the child support the set guideline and the worksheet is used by the court. The court also considers the following aspects while deciding on the child support.
  • The requirement of the child.
  • The requirement and financial resources of the parents.
  • The physical ad emotional condition of the child.
  • The expenses towards the education of the child.
MO property division in divorce -

Missouri being an "equitable distribution" state, all the marital properties of the spouses are divided equitably by the court. The issue of the distribution of the property is settled by the court as per the Missouri Statutes - Title 30 - Chapter 452 - Sections: 330.

While deciding on Missouri divorce support the court makes sure that both the parties enjoy same benefits and none of them face any financial hardship arising from the divorce. The priority of the court regarding the Missouri divorce support is to ensure that both the parties maintain the same standard of life that was attained during the marriage, even after the divorce.

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