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Maryland Divorce Support

Like any other states in United States the issue of the Maryland divorce support is also settled by the family court. Whether it is the spousal support or the child support or the distribution of property, the court has the sole discretion to decide on the Maryland divorce support. The type and extent of the Maryland divorce support is settled by the court on the basis of the circumstances and according to the state statutes.

Maryland spousal support

Spousal support is given by one f the spouse to the other to support his or her living after the divorce or during the process of the divorce litigation. The court awards the spousal on the basis of the petition of either of the spouses or of its own depending on the requirements. In the state of Maryland the spousal support is decided by the court on the basis of the Maryland Code - Family Law Chapter - Section: 11-106. The spousal support can be permanent or of temporary nature. Even the alimony can be paid as a lump sum payment with the consent of both the spouses and permission of court. While deciding on the type of the support and the amount for the spousal support the court considers the following aspects.
  • Age and health circumstances of the spouses.
  • Duration of the marriage.
  • Living standard attained by the spouses during the marriage.
  • Earning of the parties.
  • Marital and non marital properties held by the parties.
  • Requirement and financial obligations of the parties.
Maryland child support

Child support in Maryland is given by the court according to the Maryland Code - Family Law Chapter - Section: 8-206, 12-101, 12-201, 12-202, 12-203. In the state of the Maryland the child support is decided by the court on the basis of the Income Shares Model. In this process the requirement for the child support is decided on the basis of set guideline and then that amount is proportionately divided between the parents according to their income. Then these amounts are compared to decide who will actually pay for the child support.

Maryland property division in divorce

The distribution of properties in the state of Maryland is done as per the Maryland Code - Family Law Chapter - Section: 8-202, 8-203, 8-205. In Maryland the court distributes the marital properties of the couple equitable. This is not an equal distribution rather the division is made by the court in a manner that it finds justified after consider number of factors that give a fair idea of the financial standing of the parties.

The decision of the court regarding the Maryland divorce support is made in such a away that neither of the spouses get any advantage nor is deprived. The arrangements are made to ensure that both the parties can live the life in the standard that was attained during the marriage and can share the responsibilities towards their children.

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