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Maine Divorce Support

The court is the authority to decide on the Maine divorce support. The court follows the state statutes for settling the divorce support issues including spousal support, child support and distribution of property. For deciding on the Maine divorce support the courts consider the related aspects that portray the financial and social standing of the spouses. The decision of the court regarding the divorce support varies from case to case as the requirement and resources vary from one couple to the other. Therefore, while deciding on the spousal support the courts carefully consider various aspects like earning, reason of the divorce, financial obligations, holding of properties and so on.

Maine spousal support

The issue of the Maine divorce support for the spouses are settled by the court as per the Maine Revised Statutes - Title 19A - Sections: 851, 951. The spousal support can be of permanent or temporary nature. The court has the sole and ultimate discretion about the nature of the support and the amount to be paid as the spousal support and decision is made by court on the basis of the following points.
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age and heath conditions of both the parties
  • Living standard of the spouses during the marriage
  • Gross income of both the parties
  • Other liabilities of both the spouses
  • Education, training, employability and work experience of the recipient of the alimony
  • Marital and other properties of both the spouses.
Maine child support

The child support is decided by the court as per the Maine Revised Statutes - Title 19A - Sections: 2001, 2009. In the state of Maine child support is calculated on the basis of the Income Share Model. In this process the required monthly support is divided proportionally between the parents according to their income. The amount of the required child support is decided according to the set guideline but the court can deviate from that under some circumstances including the following conditions,
  • If the application of the section 2006, subsection 5, paragraph D or D-1 does not ensure the best interest of the child.
  • If the number of children for support is more than 6.
Maine property division in divorce -

Being an "equitable distribution" state the marital properties in Maine are divided between the spouses equitably. The division of the properties is done on the basis of the Maine Revised Statutes - Title 19A - Sections: 953. While dividing the properties equitably the properties are not equally divided rather division in done in a manner that is found just by the court according to the circumstances.

As already mentioned, all the aspects of Maine divorce support are dependent on the decision of the family court. The courts judgment on various issues of divorce support is declared along with decree of divorce but can be modified by the court in future.

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