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Kansas Divorce Support

Like all other states in United States the matters related to the Kansas divorce support are settled by the state law. As there is no federal guideline in this regard the family courts always follow the state statutes while deciding on the matter. Before taking up the issue of the divorce support the court always checks if there is pre-nuptial agreement regarding the divorce support between the spouses. If there is any such agreement then both the spouses need to abide by that agreement. When it comes to the divorce support the court always encourages the spouses to come to a mutual arrangement as that would not only save the time and money of the parties, it would also simplify the whole process. If that initiative also fails then the court decides on the matter of spousal support, child support and distribution of property.

KA spousal support:

In the state of Kansas the issue of the spousal support is decided on the basis of the Kansas Statutes - Chapter 60 - Article 16 - Subject: 1610. The court can order for a permanent or temporary spousal support depending on various factors. The court may award the maintenance in favor of either of the spouses and the support amount will be decided by the court. The amount of support which the court finds to be suitable is mentioned in the decree after considering the related circumstances. Even after the decree is ordered the court will retain the right to modify or terminate the spousal support under the circumstances that will be mentioned in the decree itself.

KA child support

The child support issue is decided by the court on the basis of the Kansas Statutes - Chapter 60 - Article 16 - Subject: 1610. In Kansas the court calculates the child support on the basis of the Income Shares Model. In this process the required monthly support is decided by the court as per the guideline and then that amount is divided proportionately between the parents according to their income. Then these two amounts are balanced to decide who will pay for the child support. In Kansas the child support is paid till the child attains the age of 16 and then the child support automatically terminates. But if the high school education of the child is not completed by that time the support might be extended by the court.

KA property division in divorce -

Kansas is an "equitable distribution" state and hence all the martial properties are equitably distributed as per the Kansas Statutes - Chapter 60 - Article 16 - Subject: 1610. In this process the property is not equally divided but the court divides the property in a manner that is found justified on the basis of the circumstances.

While deciding on the Kansas divorce support the primary concern of the court is to provide sufficient maintenance to the financially weaker spouse. The court also makes arrangements of the child support in such a way that both the parents share equal responsibilities for rearing the child.

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