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Iowa Divorce Support

Divorce support is the matter of court’s discretion and decided on the basis of the state statutes of that particular state. While deciding on the divorce support the court considers the financial, social and other aspects that are related to the parties in that divorce case. As these factors are unique for each case the decision regarding the Iowa divorce support also differs from case to case. The issues related to the spousal support, child support and distribution of property are decided by the court on the basis of the guideline as per the statutes where there is no pre nuptial agreement between the spouses related to the divorce support.

IA spousal support:

Spousal support is ordered by the court in favor of the financially weaker spouse and the support is paid by the other spouse. Depending on the circumstances, the court can order for a temporary or a permanent IA alimony support as per the Iowa Code - Sections 598.21, 598.22 and 598.32. The amount of the support is decided by the court after considering the following points.
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age and health condition s of the parties.
  • Education, vocational training, employability and past work experience.
  • Earning of both the parties.
  • The chance of getting employed by the party seeking maintenance
  • Standard of living attained during the marriage.
  • Marital property and non marital property and earning from the property.
IA child support –

The child support issue is settled by the family courts of Iowa as per the Iowa Code - Section 598.21. In Iowa the court calculates the amount of the child support on the basis of the Percentage of Income formula where the percentage of income of the non custodial parent is applied to the number of minor children who are eligible to get the support. But this amount of the support can be changed subsequently by the court according to the change in the circumstances like change in the earning of the parents, change in place of living etc.

IA property distribution in divorce –

Distribution of the property in Iowa divorce support is done as per the Iowa Code - Sections 598.21. Iowa being an "equitable distribution" state the court distributes the marital properties in equitable manner. In this process the properties are not divided equally but in a manner that is felt just by the court.

While deciding on the Iowa divorce support cases, the court always makes sure that the spouses get the equal benefits and share the responsibilities in the same way. The arrangements are done to support the financially weaker spouse so that he or she can continue to maintain the same standard of life even after the divorce and there is no financial hardship that might arise from the divorce. It is the foremost criteria of the court to provide sufficient maintenance for the children and divide the responsibilities equally between the parents.

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