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Idaho Divorce Support

The issue of divorce support is decided at the court on the basis of the evidences provided by the parties and according to the state statutes. The law regarding the divorce support varies from state to state as there is no federal guideline for deciding on the divorce support. For those who are residing in the state of Idaho and are going for legal separation, the issues related to divorce support will be settled as per the Idaho divorce support laws. Anyone of the spouse can apply for the Idaho divorce support and the court has the sole discretionary power to decide on the matter.

ID spousal support–

Spousal support or financial support is provided by one spouse to the other if the recipient is not capable of earning his or her livelihood. In Idaho the issue of the spousal support is settled as per the Idaho Code - Title 32 - Chapters: 705. The court can either order for a permanent or a temporary or rehabilitative alimony to support the financially weaker spouse and the matter is decided by the court after considering the following points,
  • The financial resources of the both the spouses – one who is seeking maintenance and the one who will pay it. While taking note of the earning the earning from properties are also considered.

  • If the applicant unemployed but is willing and capable of getting a job then the time required to get adequate training and a suitable job.

  • Age, physical and emotional health of the spouses.

  • Duration of the marriage and the role and conduct of both the spouses during the marriage.
ID child support –

Child support is an important aspect when the parents of a child are getting legally separated. Generally the non custodial parent is ordered by the court to pay for the support and maintenance of the child. In Idaho the child support is decided as per the Idaho Code - Title 32 - Chapters: 706, 1201. In Idaho the child support is calculated according to the Income Shares Model where the required amount for the support is divided proportionately as per the income of the parents. Then these two are balanced to decide who will pay for the support.

ID property division in divorce –

In Idaho the distribution of the marital properties is done as per the Idaho Code - Title 32 - Chapters: 712, 903. Idaho being a “Community Property” state, all the marital properties are considered as community property by the court and they are divided equally among the spouses. If the court has marked a property a homestead from the community property, it can give that property solely to either of the spouse.

The arrangement of the Idaho divorce support is done by the courts in such a manner that both the parties get equal share of benefits and responsibilities. This is to ensure that neither of them gets the advantage of the divorce and the other suffers financial loss.

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