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When it comes to the child custody and the child support, the court, where the litigation of the divorce is going on, takes every measure to ensure that the best interests of the child can be ensured. The divorce custody support is the responsibility of the parents and they need to share the responsibilities as directed by the court. In fact if one of the spouses ceases to perform the duties, further legal action can be sought in this regard. Generally the divorce custody support is to be provided by the non custodian parent to share the equal responsibility in bringing up the child.

The custody of the child can be awarded by the court to either of the parent or both the parents or to any third party other than the parent. When we are speaking about custody we must consider the legal as well as the physical custody of the child. As far as the divorce custody support is concerned it is the non custodian parent that is who does not have the right of physical custody, needs to pay the child support. While the custodian parent takes the major responsibility of providing the shelter and taking care of the day to day requirements of the child. This arrangement makes sure that both the parents are involved in the upbringing of the child. The divorce custody support is provided for the expenses towards the food, clothes, shelter, education and medical expenses of the child. In fact the expenses for the life insurance and medical insurance also need to be paid by the non custodian parent.

As far as the amount of the divorce custody support is concerned that amount is decided by the court and there are definite guidelines for that. Though these guidelines do differ from one state to the other the basic principles in this regard remain the same. The court in all respect takes care of the fact the best interest of the child is protected. While deciding on the amount and extent of the divorce custody support, the court essentially considers the following factors.

The income of both the parents - The total gross income of both the parents is calculated by the court for determining the child support. The income of the non custodian who will actually pay the child support as well as of the custodian parent is taken into consideration.

The age of the child The age of the child is also a vital factor for determining the divorce custody support. The older the child the greater the amount of child support tends to be. This is because of the educational costs and other expenses that increase as the child grows older.

Health of the child If the child is suffering from some prolong illness and physically weak and have certain inabilities, the court generally orders for higher child support since the expenses required for the treatment and care is taken into consideration.

Generally the divorce custody support responsibilities ends when the child is emancipated or when attains a specific age but if he or she is undergoing a training or middle of educational degree the support might be continued till the completion of the same.

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