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Arkansas Divorce Support

Arkansas divorce support rights are equal for both the spouses who have opted for a divorce. The local court where the divorce litigation is filled is to decide on the issue. Whether it is the spousal support or child support or division of property, the court is the authority to award the Arkansas divorce support if there is no pre-nuptial agreement between the spouses. As per the Arkansas divorce support laws the financial support is given to the spouse who is found to be financially weaker than the other spouse. There are many factors that the court considers while deciding on the spousal support, child support and the division of property.

AR spousal support - Title 9 - Chapters: 12-312:

As per the law of the state it is not mandatory to award the spousal support. Either of the spouses has the right to apply for spousal support to the court and the court has the discretion to reject the plea or award alimony in favor of the petitioner. Of course even if none of the parties apply for spousal support the court can make provision for alimony if it feels that spousal support is necessary. The type of the support and amount of the alimony is decided by the court after considering the following criteria:
  • Gross income of both the parties
  • Living standard of the spouses during the marriage
  • Age and heath conditions of spouses.
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Reason of the divorce and fault if there is any
  • Other responsibilities held by the spouses
  • Earning capacity, education, training and work experience of the potential recipient of the alimony
  • Properties and income from the properties.
Arkansas child support, Code - Title 9 - Chapters: 12-312, 14-105:

Like most other states in USA the non custodian parent is liable to pay the child support to the physical custodian of the children. As per the state law the child support needs to be paid till the child is minor. As per the Arkansas divorce support law the child support is calculated by the court in the Percentage of Income formula.

Arkansas property distribution in divorce, Code - Title 9 - Chapters: 12-315:

Arkansas is an “equitable distribution” state where the marital property is distributed amongst the spouses in equitable manner that is not necessarily equal but always reasonable as found by the court.

While deciding on the Arkansas divorce support, it is seen that both the parties get equal share of benefits and responsibility. The objective of the court while deciding on the Arkansas divorce support is to ensure that both the parties maintains the same standard of living after the divorce and share equal responsibilities towards rearing the child. If the verdict of the court regarding the Arkansas divorce support is not maintained by either of the spouses the other one has the legal rights to seek legal action to solve the issue.

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