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Alaska Divorce Support

The issue of the Alaska divorce support as applicable for the spouses living in the state of Alaska is the discretion of the family court. The court decides on the spousal support, child support and the division of property as per the state law.

Alaska spousal support:

While considering spousal support we must always remember that it is not mandatory to award the spousal support in all the divorces. It is primarily and sole discretion of the court to award the spousal support and the verdict varies from case to case depending on the circumstances and this is done as per the Alaska Dissolution Statutes- Sections: 25-24-165, 25.24.230. The court might order for a permanent spousal support as well as temporary or rehabilitative spousal support depending on the requirement of the recipient of the alimony. While deciding on the type of the spousal support and the amount of the support the family court considers some factors like the earning of both the spouses, duration of the marriage, fault of the either of the spouse, age and health of the parties involved in the divorce. Along with these educational qualification, work experience and training, employment skills and period of absence from the job market of the non working spouse all these points are also considered by the family court.

Alaska child support:

The issue of child support in Alaska is dealt by the family court as per the Alaska Dissolution Statutes- Sections: 25-24-160, 25.27.110. But this is done by the court only when the parting spouses do not have a pre-nuptial agreement on child support, otherwise the child support is arranged as per the agreement. According to the law the court determines the child support on the basis of the percentage of income of the non custodial parent of the child in the gross income of both the parents. There are also different aspects like the number of children, age and health conditions of the children, special requirements of the children, standard of livening, capacity of the parent to pay the child support, and other financial obligations of the parents towards the children that are considered by the court.

Alaska property distribution in divorce:

For division of property among the spouses, the courts in Alaska encourage both the parties to come to an amicable settlement but if that fails the courts then decide on the issue as per the Alaska Dissolution Statutes- Sections: 25-24-160, 25.24.230. Like most states in United States, Alaska is also an "equitable distribution" state. Equitable distribution is not equal distribution of the properties rather it is a fair way of dividing the properties between the parties. While dividing the properties the length of the marriage, earning of the parties, age and health of the parties, financial condition of the spouses and conduct of the spouses during the marriage are considered by the court.

These are the primary Alaska divorce support available for the spouses in Alaska who are going for a divorce. All these supports completely depend on the decision of the family court and vary from case to case.

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