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There is an increase in the rate of divorce worldwide. Society is evolving and both men and women are becoming conscious about their interests. The most evolved the countryís society and economy, the more the rate of divorce present in its society. Divorce statistics say that USA has the highest rate of divorce in the world.

Divorce is a common factor in the western society but in developing nations like India, Saudi Arabia, and other third world countries, divorce is still a social taboo. However, due to evolving societies and awareness of equality between men and women has led to increase in the divorce rate of these nations as well.

When we talk of divorce statistics USA leads the world. 1 in every 4 marriages in US ends in divorce. The current divorce rate in US is 4.95 per 1000 population. When every state of US gradually adopted no-fault divorce law, the rate of divorce started increasing in 1960s and reached its zenith in 1981. In 1981 US witnessed 5.3 divorces per 1,000 populations. However after that the country has seen decline in divorce.

The possible reasons for the ever increasing rate of divorce in US are possibly the lack of religious beliefs among people, immature reasons to get married in haste, non tolerance or non compromise in marriage, and public opinion in favor of divorce. US society has been witnessing all these social complications since many years.

The second highest rate of divorce is seen in Sweden. In Sweden the rate of divorce is 2.79 out of every 1,000 population. This is followed by Denmark where the rate is 2.81 out of every 1000 population. In United Kingdom the rate of divorce is 3.08 per 1000 population.

It is observed that the countries where the society has a patriarchal structure, the rate of divorce tends to be lower.

Letís also have a look at the divorce data of countries with Patriarchal society:
  • Sri Lanka: 0.015 per 10,000 population

  • Thailand: 0.058 per 10,000 population

  • Korea: 0.088 per 10,000 population

  • China: 0.079 per 10,000 population

  • Italy: 0.027 per 10,000 population

  • Japan: 0.042 per 10,000 population

  • Brazil: 0.026 per 10,000 population
Letís also have a look at the divorce data of countries with Matriarchal society:
  • Australia: 0.252 per 10,000 population

  • New Zealand: 0.263 per 10,000 population

  • Russia: 0.336 per 10,000 population

  • Canada: 0.246 per 10,000 population
It can be clearly seen that the countries with patriarchal society have lower divorce rate than those with matriarchal society. The societies where the concept of equality of sexes prevails have higher divorce rates. Marriage is an institution that needs a lot tolerance, compromise, and ego management in order to raise a family. But as men and women demand individuality and equality, the concept of family is suffering and marriages are breaking down.

Another reason for divorce in developed societies is their disorientation from religion. It is seen that countries where people are religious and associate marriage with God, the chances of divorce are less. For example, the Christian communities who strictly follow Church do not let their marriages break easily.

Divorce statistics indicate that the developing nations are better off as stable societies rather than those of developed nations like US. or UK.

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