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Divorce Settlement Questions

Sometimes divorce settlement can be cost and time taking procedure. To take the decision of divorce on your own becomes difficult, and you come up with lots of questions. If you have children, Questions related to child support can be the issue. Divorce settlement questions consider matters related to assets, debts, alimony custody and maintenance and such other factors.

Laws related to it differ from state to state. It is always advisable to consult your divorce attorney for information regarding the financial questions. During the settlement procedure couple comes up with many queries. Questions can help you in clarifying the doubts which you will be facing during the settlement issue.

Examples of Divorce Settlement Questions:

  • Is it necessary to approach the court, if the divorcing couple fails to reach the settlement?
  • Why is it compulsory to pay tax on the settlement?
  • What are the chances of validity if the settlement is not filed with the court?
  • What are the chances of a verbal settlement to be enforceable?
  • What consequence will the couple face if the agreement of settlement contains certain errors?
  • What are the after effects if a partner does not sign at the final court date?
  • What are the results of the proposed settlement is wrong?
  • What are ways to alter a suggested settlement agreement?

Questions related to Alimony, child support or property during the settlement:

  • Can one party have the objection regarding the valuation of asset during property settlement?
  • What are the ways of collecting the unpaid alimony from your ex-spouse?
  • How can one party prevent the other party to enter into the marital residential matter?
  • What are the chances of wife’s retirement pension to be regarded as joint property?

Frequently asked questions related to divorce settlement along with answers:

  • What are my rights in divorce settlement? Usually you can get additional rights depending on the individual circumstances. Other than this you can seek for the rights related to custody of children, equitable distribution of assets and certain taxes
  • How much will divorce settlement cost? It is difficult to predict the exact cost involved in the settlement, as it depends on the extent of the assets, and complexity involved in legal issues. If there is any doubt regarding the cost involved in settlement you can take the advice of your attorney and clear the doubt
  • Is it compulsory that at least one partner should be in fault? In U.S no fault divorce is introduced in nearly 50 states where either of the partners cannot be held responsible during the settlement process. These days no fault divorce is becoming very famous, prior to 1970 divorce was always filed holding one of the partner at fault. In a country like U.S divorce has become a very common issue. To get the better understanding of the individual circumstances the above mentioned questions and answers can be very helpful.

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