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Divorce Settlement Papers

Divorce settlement papers act as legal evidence during the agreement, so it should be made carefully. When it comes to divorce, division of finance and property becomes a necessity. For this both the parties enter into an agreement under the jurisdiction of law. Both the parties should set their agendas and provisions in the agreement. There are number of divorce papers and procedures involved when the settlement is done through legal provisions. Other than being legal evidence it also helps in knowing the information to be discussed.

Preparing divorce settlement papers:

While preparing divorce settlement papers, certain provisions are taken into account. Provisions regarding-

  • Custody of children and payments and expenses required for children (if any) as they are the prime factors where both parties have to contribute
  • Alimony and tax issues that include earning capacity or your annual income
  • Property and assets distribution. Debts (if any) acquired after the marriage should also be included
  • Paperwork includes recent bank statement, credit card summary, retirement plan, etc.

Court considers only those facts that are mentioned in the papers. So it is necessary to prepare the papers very carefully with the minute detail.

Information included in Divorce Settlement Papers:

Divorce settlement is a legal agreement which is made according to the state of law. Certain information is included in the paper to make the process easier. If provided with the adequate information, it will highlight the solutions for divisions of finance and responsibilities towards children .Generally certain issues are submitted as information in settlement papers.

Issues like-
  • Division of property and investment made during post marriage
  • Insurance if any made for children.
  • Person responsible for payment of tax and children as well.
  • Visitation time for meeting children.
  • Division of saving accounts.

Completion of Divorce Settlement Papers:

For finishing off with paper work certain things are considered, like items discussed and agreed upon by the two parties in verbal and written way. Then drafting the agreement with necessary provisions and formatting the same according to jurisdiction rules. In such cases guidelines can be very effective. Other than this, documents mentioned below should also be provided-

  • Health insurance paper
  • Marriage license and copies of vehicles titles
  • Bank statement of both the parties
  • Property deeds and recent tax returns
  • Birth certificate of Children (if any)
  • Retirement accounts or pension plan made.

Usually lawyer appointed makes sure that all documents are provided, however it is always good to be sure form own side as well.

Along with divorce settlement papers certain other should be submitted, like petition for divorce, financial affidavit, settlement agreement and notice of hearing. It is preferable to examine any document before signing. Though there are professional lawyers who can help in such matter but equal participation is necessary to understand and get the knowledge of the discussion.

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