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Celebrity Divorce Settlement

Celebrity divorce settlements are always the most talked about issues in newspapers or news channels. Nearly half of the marriages in U.S end up in divorce. No one is exempted whether he/she is poor, rich, or famous. Some of the celebrity splits are mentioned briefly here.

Bill Murray divorce settlement:

William James or Bill Murray was a comedian and an actor in the United States of America. He has acted in films like Caddy Shack, Ghostbusters, and Groundhog Day. On 25th January 1981, Bill got married to Margaret Kelley. They were blessed with 2 sons named Homer (born in 1982) and Luke (born in 1985). After few years Bill had a relation with Jennifer Butler. On the grounds of adultery, Bill and Margaret got divorced in 1996.

Then he got married to Jennifer butler and they were blessed with 4 sons

  • Caleb( born in 11 January 1993)
  • Jackson (6th October 1995)
  • Cooper (27th January 1997)
  • Lincoln(30th may 2001)

But later things did not work between the couple and Jennifer filed divorce on 12th May 2008 on the following grounds

  • Several infidelities
  • Frequent abandonment
  • Physical abuse
  • Addiction to alcohol marijuana and sex.

Bill Murray had to pay his wife a 7 million USD according to the copy of agreement accompanying the agreement. She won the custody of all her four children and moved into Seville’s Island home. In less than 1.5 months the court in Charleston granted the divorce settlement between Bill and Jennifer.

Madonna divorce settlement:

Madonna is an actress and recording artist in the United States. She has sold more than 200 million albums all around the world.

She got married to Guy Ritchie on 22nd December 2000 in Scotland. Later in October 2008 Madonna filed for divorce from guy on the grounds of unreasonable behavior. On 21st of November the high court of London granted them a quickie divorce. The separation was finalized in December, 2008.

The divorce settlement terms:

  • Madonna would pay her ex an amount ranging 76 to 92 million USD
  • This amount is inclusive of the couples London pub “The Punchbowl” and the country home “Ashcombe” in England.
  • The couple agreed to share the custody of their two children Rocco and David.
  • Lourdes, who is Madonna `s daughter from previous relationship stayed with her mother in New York.

Lionel Richie divorce settlement:

Lionel Brockman Richie is a record producer, singer and a songwriter in the United States. Lionel met Diane Alexander during the Olympics in 1984. They got married on 21st December 1995. They have two children.

  • Miles Brockman(born on 27th may 1994)
  • Sofia (born on 26th august 1998)

Things did not work between them and in January 2004 the couple got divorced. Ritchie acknowledged that the marriage was doomed due to his workaholic behavior.

  • Lionel offered Diane the 5 million USD mansion that they had shared
  • Lionel decided on giving Diane 0.1 million USD per month as alimony.

After 5 months Diane filed for divorce and demanded for 0.3 million USD to support the expenses of her lifestyle and their children’s education. The court agreed upon this settlement.

The celebrity divorce settlements are messy as more importance is given on to who will get how much out of it.

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