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Biggest Divorce Settlement

The divorce of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and Anna Murdoch is considered as the biggest divorce settlement. Maintaining your financial security is always considered as the most important factor in divorce. The main concern is to negotiate the best possible settlement agreement. This concern is especially with the females when it comes to divorce. In many cases some female spouses win more alimony or property while in some they have to be satisfied with less of it.

Rupert Murdoch and Anna Murdoch were married in 1967. They were divorced in 1999 when Rupert agreed for the divorce settlement of 1.7 billion dollars making it the most expensive divorce settlement in history. They both were blessed with three children.

  • Elisabeth-29 years
  • Lachlan-26 years
  • James-24 years
Property details of billionaire Rupert Murdoch
  • A 15 million pounds estate in Beverly hills’ California
  • Controls the news of the world, Times and Sunday Times
  • Acquires 40 percentage interest in satellite, TV station BskyB
  • 20 million pounds mountain retreat in Aspen Colorado
  • 5 million pounds worth penthouse in New York’s Upper East Side of Manhattan.
  • In Australia the couple has a harbor view penthouse in Sydney worth 5 million pounds.
  • 7 million pounds mansion in Melbourne.
  • 4 million pounds flat in London`s St. James.
  • Apart from this he owns a luxury yacht, a fleet of cars including Ferrari, and a private jet.

Rupert Murdoch is considered to be the richest in the media world.

Rupert Murdoch and Anna decided to end the 31 years old marriage. When Anna filed for divorce she asked for division of the property and other assets equally. Mrs. Murdoch was 53 when she filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences between the couple. The couple filed for divorce in California so the California law was applicable for their divorce.

In California law all the properties earned during marriage are considered to be marital or community property and all acquired before marriage are non marital property. The California court and judges have a broad discretion while determining the community property. They have specific guidelines to follow and some factors to be considered. These factors include the current income and also the future earning capacity.

The biggest divorce settlement was granted to this couple was based on these factors. There are also some important following guidelines

Equitable distribution of community property
  • Number of years the couple has been married
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Ability of each spouse(usually wife) to earn their own living after divorce
  • Health and age
  • Contribution of each spouse to marriage(in monetary terms)
  • The tax consequences of the division
  • Debts and liabilities

According to these laws and these factors the divorce settlement in ruper Murdoch and Anna Murdoch was equally distributed. She left him by taking half of the billion dollars of assets accumulated during their life. Hence this divorce is considered as the Biggest Divorce Settlement in the history.

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