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Biggest Divorce Settlement Ever

Divorce is a very emotional and hurtful thing in life. The one who goes through it has to suffer all the drawbacks of divorce. Let it be an adultery divorce or an amicable divorce, or let the divorce be of any middle class person or any celebrity it is painful. The divorce of golf pro tiger woods’ and elin nordegen is named as the Biggest Divorce Settlement Ever.

Tiger woods’ full name is eldritch tont woods and he was born on December 30 1975 in cypress, California. This 33 year old got married to elin in October 2004 in Barbados. They are blessed with daughter Sam Alexis woods in June 2007 and son Charlie axel in February 2009. Tiger woods’ is the richest sportsmen in the world. His marriage was too a very lavish, exclusive, expensive and posh one. But who knows what can happen? This couple decided to divorce on august 2010 in Florida.

The couple never disclosed their divorce until they together showed up in circuit court in Panama City Florida, on 23rd august 2010. Assumptions were made that elin used her maiden name, and that the couple will share custody of their children and ellins share in the division of all the property and their assets would be substantial.

The officials of the bay county reported that the couple showed up for a hearing room at the bay county Florida juvenile justice court house on east 11th street with their lawyers to file for their divorce papers. This process usually takes 20 days for the finalization but as woods immediately went to the main courthouse on the 4th street. Circuit judge Judy pitman expedited the case. As the divorce was filed in Florida State, and this divorce was called as The Biggest Divorce Settlement Ever.

Alimony can be rehabilitative or permanent. The court may consider adultery in determining the award for alimony. Florida laws have following guidelines.

  • The standard of living of the spouses at the time of marriage
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The physical condition, the emotional and the age of the each party
  • The financial stability and resources of each party, the marital and non marital assets and the liabilities distributed.
  • If applicable ,the time necessary for either party for the acquition of the education or training to enable such party to find employment
  • The contribution of both the spouses to the marriage which’s not limited to services in homemaking, child care and education.

Child custody law in Florida

For awarding child custody in Florida following factors are considered
  • The love and affection existing between the parents and the child.
  • The capability of the parents to provide the child with food clothing medical care
  • The moral fitness of the child
  • The willingness and the ability of the parent to facilitate and encourage a close and continuous parent child relationship
  • Evidence that any party has provided false information to the court regarding a domestic violence. Evidence of child abuse or domestic violence.

On the basis of these laws the couple tiger wood and elin had the divorce settlement given to elen is $750 million. Apart from this she has acquired the custody of both the children and this divorce was considered as The Biggest Divorce Settlement Ever.

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