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Wyoming Divorce Rights

A Plaintiff is recognized as person filing the divorce case in the state of Wyoming. Plaintiff in order to file a case for the dissolution of marriage in Wyoming has to meet some of the residency requirements of the state. The district court of the county concerned can accept the divorce case only if the petitioner has resided for a minimum period of sixty days in the state. According to Wyoming divorce rights, a plaintiff who has not resided in the state for sixty days can file the petition if the marriage took place in Wyoming.

Grounds for divorce in Wyoming

Chapter 20 of the Wyoming statutes defines some of the grounds which could be utilized by a spouse in order to exercise Wyoming divorce rights. Wyoming divorce laws have divided the grounds of filing a divorce case into two major categories- Fault and No Fault categories. Any irreconcilable differences which could not be resolved and the court finds no scope of any reconciliation between the two parties is considered as a No Fault ground of seeking a divorce. Mental illness and insanity on the other hand are counted under the fault grounds of seeking a divorce in Wyoming.

The plaintiff while submitting the divorce petition has to submit few other documents. Some of the important documents submitted at the time of filing the case are complaint for divorce and the decree of divorce. Marital settlement agreement, affidavit concerning the children, certificate of mailing, financial affidavit and notice of setting are some other documents required by the court. The plaintiff can file the case in the district court of the county concerned. District clerk’s office keeps two parties informed about the developments of the case.

Wyoming child support guidelines

Whenever a minor child is involved in the case, Wyoming divorce rights makes every possible effort to minimize the expected emotional and mental trauma experienced by the child. The court makes sure that the decision is based on Wyoming child support guidelines which follow the income shares model to determine the child support amount. Wishes of the parents, their relative competency to provide care, child’s relationship with parents, financial condition and tax consequences are some of the factors which may determine the custody of the child and the amount of support that a child would gain from parents.

Wyoming property distribution in divorce

Wyoming is recognized as an equitable distribution state by Wyoming divorce rights. According to the principle of equitable distribution of property, the acquired property of the couple during the marriage period would be distributed equitably and in a fair manner between the two parties. The equitable distribution of property does not mean an equal distribution of property.

The equitable distribution of property invariably affects the maintenance after the divorce. If the court by any means finds that any of the spouses will live a miserable life after the divorce, a spousal support is determined for that party for a fixed period of time. Duration of marriage and economic conditions of both parties is considered while deciding the amount and duration of spousal support.

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