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Washington Divorce Rights

Washington is one of the most significant states of the United States of America. The rising numbers of the divorce cases in the country have made the authorities think about the societal norms. Every state of the country has its own divorce rights. Washington divorce rights make it mandatory for a petitioner to be a bona fide resident of the state. Defense personnel can also file the divorce case in the state of Washington if he is stationed in any military establishment in the state.

Washington grounds for divorce

Washington divorce rights recognize only one valid ground for the dissolution of marriage. Cases wherein the court finds that the marital relationship of the couple has been irretrievably broken down and there are no realistic chances of any compromise or reconciliation between the two parties, the court accepts the petition for seeking the divorce.

A special provision provided in Washington divorce rights is the provision wherein the court transfers the case to a family court or a counseling service. This transfer of the case is done only after a written request by either of the parties. The court can not allow the counseling service to take more than sixty days to resolve the issue. If not resolved within sixty days, the court takes the case back to the normal scenario and concludes the case on the basis of the merit of the case.

Cases where either of the parties wants an amicable settlement (peaceful settlement based on the discussion) of the dispute, the court can pass a decree which legally separates the couple. Washington divorce rights in all such cases however requires both the parties to submit a written agreement which contains the settlement of issues of maintenance after marriage, child custody, spousal support, disposition of property or distribution of property and any proposed parenting plan.

Making use of Washington divorce rights, any party can also request the court or the court, on its discretion ask the two parties to participate in a counseling and mediation program. Counseling and mediation program is planned in cases where the court finds reasonable chances of reconciliation of pending and unresolved issues. The counselor or the mediator appointed by the court makes his best efforts to educate the two parties about the expected ill effects of the divorce the two parties and on the child in cases where a minor child is involved. Washington state revised code makes sure that the welfare of the minor child involved in the case should get the top priority in all the issues being resolved in the case.

Washington distribution of property

Washington divorce rights recognize Washington as a state which follows the principle of community property. According to the principle of community property, all the property or debt acquired by the couple during the marriage would be split equally between the two parties. Factors such as length of the marriage, economic conditions of each spouse, nature of the community property are considered by the court while deciding on the issue of distribution of property.

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