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North Dakota Divorce Rights

The United States of America is the country which registers the most numbers of divorce related cases in the world. The federal government of the United States of America has also taken the issue seriously and is planning to bring policies which would cut down the registration of divorce related cases in the United States of America. All the fifty states of the USA have their own exclusive divorce related laws. North Dakota divorce rights are planned and implemented by the state government of North Dakota. In order to exercise his/her North Dakota divorce rights, a person however has to be a resident of the state. There are some residency requirements to be fulfilled before filing a divorce case in North Dakota.

Judicial district court of North Dakota can not accept a case wherein the plaintiff has not resided in the state for a minimum period of six months. According to chapter 14 and 28 of North Dakota Century Code, atleast one party involved in the divorce case has to be a resident of the state.

Grounds for filing a divorce case in North Dakota

There are various grounds listed in North Dakota Divorce Rights which could be sought by the plaintiff in order to initiate and file a divorce case. The cases where both parties agree to break the ties unconditionally is considered to be the most appropriate ground for filing a divorce case in North Dakota. In these cases, it is considered that the marital relationship has been disturbed and there is no scope of any reconciliation between the two parties. North Dakota divorce rights are not exercises unnecessarily in these types of cases, as none of the parties has any discrepancies with the agreement.

North Dakota divorce rights divide the grounds for filing the divorce cases under two categories. These categories are No-Fault categories and Fault category. The no fault category is invoked when it is considered that irreconcilable differences have occurred and the continuation of marriage will effect the mental and physical health of both the parties.

Fault grounds of filing a divorce case under North Dakota divorce rights however are grounds where the plaintiff can provide evidences of adultery, willful desertion, drug addiction, extreme cruelty and drug addiction of the defendant. All these grounds have been listed in volume three, chapter four of the North Dakota Century Code.

A plaintiff can approach the judicial district court, county court of the state of North Dakota in order to exercise his/her divorce rights. The court assigns a case number soon after filing the case and the name of the North Dakota court appears on all the documents related to the case. The plaintiff has to submit a complaint for divorce and a decree of divorce before filing a case. Marital settlement agreement, declaration under the uniform child custody jurisdiction act where a minor child is involved and the financial affidavit are some of the documents which are required at the time of filing the case.

North Dakota follows the principle of equitable distribution of property. All the cases filed in North Dakota courts follow the directions of North Dakota divorce rights which include the provisions regarding the spousal support, child custody, maintenance after divorce and many other issues.

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