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United States of America records one of the highest numbers of divorce cases every year. Hence the cases which are filed in different states of the United States of America have to be handled by courts with utmost precision. A divorce is defined as a legal settlement in which a married couple agrees to terminate their marital relationship. There could be several numbers of reasons for the dissolution of the marriage. The legal action proceeded after the filing of the case ends the marital relationship of the couple before the death of either of the spouses.

The first Colorado divorce right deals with the residential requirements of the applicant. In order to file a case of divorce in the state of Colorado, the residency requirements have to be met. The time period for which the spouse has to be a resident of the state is ninety days. The case for the dissolution of marriage is filed in the county where the petitioner or the respondent has resided.

The grounds on which a case for the dissolution of marriage could be filed in the county court are clearly mentioned in the divorce laws of Colorado. When filing a case for the dissolution of marriage, the petitioner has to specify the reason or the grounds for seeking the divorce. The only appropriate ground which the court considers lawful is when the court finds that the marital relationship of the respective spouses is irretrievably broken and the separation of the spouses is inevitable.

The spouse who files the case for the separation and the dissolution of the marriage is called a petitioner. Hence the petitioner is the person who initiates the procedure of filing the case. The law which comes into consideration is the family law which is filed in the domestic relations court. The spouse who is asked to respond to the case filed by the petitioner is called the respondent. Hence, respondent is the one who does not initiate the procedure.

The court where the case for the dissolution of the marriage is filed in Colorado is the district court and the county court. After filing the case the court assigns a case number and all subsequent documents will have the name of the court mentioned on the top. Some of the important documents required at the time of filing the case for the dissolution of the marriage are petition for dissolution of marriage and the decree of dissolution of the marriage. Apart from these two primary documents, some other documents such as UCCJEA information sheet, domestic relations case information sheet, marital settlement agreement and domestic relations case information sheet are also required by the court in order to check the authenticity of the case.

The divorce does not automatically entitle either of the spouses to get spousal support in Colorado. The spousal support varies from case to case and is applicable only if agreed by both the parties. The court also gives due importance to the fact when minor child is involved. Colorado courts try and do every possible act so as to minimize the trauma that the child might experience after the dissolution of the marriage. This also varies from case to case.

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