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Children's Divorce Rights

When a couple decides to get divorced and go into the divorce process, it is the children, who are victim of the circumstances, suffer the most. In fact, custody of the children is a vital point in the divorce cases. Whatever is the type of the custody and whatever be the judgment, there are certain children's divorce rights as per the law of the country that need to be honored by both the parents.

The court is authorized to pass the ultimate judgment about the custody of the child and there are two different types of custody sole custody, where the child stays with either of the parent and joint custody, where the responsibility of the child lies with both the parents. The children's divorce rights are drawn to ensure that the children can grow up in the best possible way and they are kept out of the conflict between their parents.
  • First of all the children have the right to love and develop independent relationship with each of the parent without any of the parents preventing them from doing so. They can choose to live at both the houses and none of the parents can object or show anger or dissatisfaction to that.
  • The children have the right to develop and maintain relationship with other relatives of the either parents like the grandparents, uncle, aunties, cousins and others.
  • A child has the right to be free from the conflict of the parents and he or she cannot be used by either of the parents as spy or a messenger and cannot be asked questions by one parent about the private life of the other parent.
  • In the presence of the child the parents need to treat each other with courtesy, respect as well as to maintain a formal behavior. The child should never be exposed to the verbal or written abuse or foul language by either of the parents about each other.
  • The children will have the right to make and receive reasonable phone calls to his or her friends and relatives.
  • The children should never be influenced about his or her opinion regarding the legal procedures of divorce between the parents.
  • The children's divorce rights permit them to carry clothes, toys, gifts and other items belonging to them from residence of one parent to the other or even to the places of his or her relatives.
  • The children should never be prevented from communicating with either of the parents.
  • Neither of the parents can pass derogatory remarks about the career, occupation, personal life and family of the other parent to the children.
  • The child should never be allowed to be transported by a person who is intoxicated.
These are some of the children's divorce rights that are developed to ensure better living of the children and to reduce the stress and psychological pressure on the mind of the children. As a parent you must always ensure that these children's divorce rights are maintained for the well being of your children

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