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The civilization of the United States of America is considered to be one of the progressive civilizations. However, United States of America also records one of the highest numbers of divorce related cases in the world. The federal government of USA has taken this issue very seriously. When a married couple decides to separate and break the marital relationship well before the death of either of the spouses, such a legal action is known as divorce.

All the fifty states in the United States of America have their own divorce related laws. In Arizona one has to be a resident of the state in order to file a case in the court. There are two categories under which either of the parties can file a case in the court. These two categories are Fault and No-Fault categories.

According to Arizona state divorce laws a Petitioner is the person who files the case. Respondent is the person who has not filed the case but infact receives the notice from the court. The respondent is also called the Non-Filing spouse. The court which handles the divorce related cases in Arizona is called the Superior Court. Once the proceedings of the case have been initiated the court will assign it a case number and will have all jurisdictional rights to grant the orders in regard to the case.

Some of the grounds considered while discussing the dissolution of the marriages in Arizona are as follows:

When the spouse is considered to have committed adultery, the respondent has been in imprisonment, physical or sexual abuse, spouses have been living separately for one year, both husband and wife mutually agrees to dissolute the marriage, any of the spouses is drug addicted or alcoholic.

There are some documents which are considered very important while filing a case in Arizona. Decree of dissolution of marriage and the petition for dissolution of marriage are considered very important so as to start the dissolution of marriage and finalize the dissolution of marriage. Some other documents which are considered important are marital settlement agreement, affidavit regarding minor children, preliminary injunction, request for hearing and notice of hearing.

Arizona is the state which follows the principle of community property. The principle of community property means, all the property which was acquired during the marriage will be divided equally between the two parties. The court however will intervene in the property issue only when the two parties have not been able to arrive to an agreement in regard to the division of the property.

The court does not always declare that one spouse will support the other spouse even after the marriage. The financial support of one spouse by another is decided on case to case basis. The Arizona state courts find every possible alternative before deciding on the issue of divorce when minor children are involved in the dissolution of marriage. The court also follows the Arizona child support guidelines which are based on the income share model so as to calculate the amount to support the child.

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