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Divorce rights are those legal rights that divorcing partners are entitled to during the divorce proceedings and after they get the divorce. Divorce rights encompass spouse’s rights to file for a divorce on the basis of certain incompatible issues. These are referred to as ground for divorce. In this column, you will find information regarding this matter. Spouses also have rights on the property acquired during the marriage. Laws regarding property division in a divorce have been elaborated in this space. Spousal support and alimony are important rights of the spouses proceeding for divorce. The issue of child custody and related custody rights including visitation rights of the non-custodial parent is mentioned in great detail here.

Apart from the above mentioned rights, children rights are also protected under the divorce rights. In fact, child support is perhaps the strongest weapon to ensure that children’s financial needs are fulfilled by the parents. You will find valuable information regarding children’s rights here. Grandparents’ rights which mostly refer to visitation rights are equally important and have been specially mentioned in this space. Divorce rights pertaining to different states in USA have been mentioned in this column.

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