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Divorce rights in Australia

The trauma of divorce and the aftermath of the entire situation do not end when the court grants divorce to a couple. What follows after the divorce cannot be termed as simple and manageable in any sense. Pain, sense of loss and injustice are few of the obvious outcomes of it. Divorce rights are formed so that there is justice for all those who get affected with the divorce.

In Australia, the Family Court holds discretionary power of distribution of property after divorce after considering the past financial and non financial contribution of property by both the parties. It also considers the welfare and future financial needs of both the parties.

The rights of children post divorce in Australia are circumstantial. Custody rights, right to visit, child support, joint custody, etc. are areas which come into picture during the course of divorce proceedings. The decision is made after analysis and with a view to give maximum benefits to the children.

The rights of a man and a woman involved in a divorce are equal and just to both. Similarly the rights for father and mother are on equality basis, however the decisions pertaining to children are made in a manner that they receive maximum benefits. However, at times the court may divide the responsibility of a child strategically between father and mother where one would spend man hours with the child and the other would spend on the expenses of the child.

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