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Divorce Record is a type of public record that is meant to be shared with public. Divorce record contains details like name of both the parties involved in divorce, child custody status, child support, alimony details, date and place of divorce, and other vital details about the divorce. The Government is responsible for maintaining divorce related information that takes place in US and also providing it to the general public whenever required. Under the Freedom of Information Act 1966, public records like Divorce Record should be available to all.

Sam and Monika loved each other and were all set to get married by the end of year. One day Sam met one of his friends and was talking to him about Monika. During the conversation it was revealed by Samís friend that Monika was a divorcee with children. Although Sam knew about Monikaís divorce, the fact that she has children was news to him. Sam was shocked and disappointed at Monikaís secret. Suddenly he was curious to know more about Monikaís divorce. This was the time for Sam to find out detailed Divorce Records of Monika.

Records related to a personís divorce are mostly sought for checking the background of your prospective spouse. In USA, where 1 in every 4 marriage ends in divorce there is a great chance that your girlfriend or boyfriend have been married in past. It is better to check the details of the divorce to avoid any possible problems in future. Divorce Records are the only means to know the financial status of your prospective spouse Ė whether he or she is paying or receiving alimony, whether the prospective partner has children from ex marriage, whether any child support is being paid by him or her, whether he or she is sharing any income from property with their ex partner. Details like these are very important before you get married to a person who is a divorcee.

Now the challenge is where to find the details related to somebodyís divorce. Records related to divorce are maintained by the courts where the divorce was granted. Records are also maintained in a central repository of various State Governments. Every State Government has different laws when it comes to revealing the divorce records. Some states have conditions, while others are flexible about sharing the data. In California for example the records are available at California Department of Public Health Office of Vital Records at a fee of $13. It is also available at the County Courthouse if you know where the divorce was filed.

Divorce Records are most readily sought after data in the present times. Demand for such data has given rise to professional services that provide record of divorce. Professional Online Services have come up who take the responsibility of finding divorce data of a person. Itís better to opt for professional agencies because they save time and effort. Extracting public records directly from the government department takes a lot of effort and time too. A person needs to make frequent visits to the department before he or she gets access to any relevant data.

Divorce Records are important to know the background of a prospective spouse. It is also required while changing the name or immigrating to another country. Although such records are maintained by each county, it might be tedious to extract such data directly from the Government agencies. So it is better to outsource this task to a professional agency that can help you faster and save your efforts.

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