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Why dating during a divorce is unwise ?

There are a lot of things involved in a divorce. Dating during divorce is unwise for a number of reasons that include emotional, strategic and legal. It is a good thing to wait until the divorce is finalized and then proceed.

Emotional reasons to avoid dating during divorce:

It is a bit difficult to deal with a new relationship at this stage. You will have to deal with a lot of emotional turmoil due to the issues related to divorce. The new relationship may not get the real you at this stage as you are under extreme pressure and stress in life. You may react to things differently under more stable and normal circumstances and it is also not fair on the part of your new partner.

Strategic reasons to avoid dating during divorce:

The emotions of your spouse are raw during the divorce proceedings and it may add insult if you are seeing someone else. Your spouse may seek revenge by creating problems during the divorce proceedings. There may be problems during child custody, child support and many other things.

If children are involved, it is necessary to have a cordial relation with your spouse for their sake. Dating will affect the cooperation you may receive from your spouse after the divorce is final.

Legal reasons to avoid dating during divorce:

You are legally married till your divorce is not finalized. Dating during divorce may be counted as adultery in many of the states. it may affect your legal argument over things and affect you on long term basis. Your spousal support, child support and property settlements may suffer due to this. Worst is, you may also have to forgo child custody due to dating at this time. It may also be termed as marital misconduct during your marriage and can have questions on your morals.

Your new friend may be open to scrutiny and your spouse can consider suing him/her for alienation of affection. This may affect your new relation before it is formed. If your friend has a shady background, it can be used against you during the divorce proceedings.

A person having frequent contact with your children automatically becomes a part of custody investigation. It will make a lot of difference if your friend has a past with issues related to domestic violence, sexual misconduct, etc.

If you are living with your friend, it may affect the support you may receive eventually. It will make child custody difficulty and affect the child support you may get as it will look like you are already sharing the expenses with some one else. It will affect your temporary support as you are seen sharing the expenses. All this may happen for a relationship that may not even last long.

It is a good idea to discuss things with your divorce lawyer and follow his suggestions. It is always wise to keep such things under wrap and not stir he dust. Many studies also show that, the first relationship after a divorce does not have a chance of survival and rarely ends in marriage.

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