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What to consider during seperation?

Being married is great for some couples, but being married and staying married could be torturous and troublesome for some. When you wish to separate from your husband, you should consider trial seperation. With trial seperation couples can try and work out their differences. The main advantage which comes along with trial seperation is that it is reversible.

During seperation couples can actually think what went wrong with their marriage. Most marriages end in seperation because of ego, stubbornness, fear, lack of communication and disloyalty. It becomes an intolerable situation when one partner unceasingly has numerous affairs, shows disrespect towards his wife along with being verbally and physically abusive.

The main aim of seperation-

During the seperation period couples can try and sought out their differences and improve their relationship if they want to get back together. You can calm down, analyze and reflect on the past issues.

With seperation one can learn how to deal with the situation. You would have to deal with emotional stress and anxiety. During the seperation period couples can learn how to deal with and handle- frustration, anger, emotional hurt and depression.

What to consider during seperation?

Become an extrovert and open up-

Though you may want to keep your personal life private and personal, opening up with your family member who youíre close to or your friend would help you deal with your personal crisis. When you are going through a personal crisis, it would be helpful to find a shoulder to lean on and someone who would hear you out without being judgemental. If you know of someone who has survived a seperation, it would be better to talk it out with that person.


After separating from your husband, you should try meeting new people and cultivating new friends. If you stay within after a seperation, it would be hurtful for you even further. You would have to keep in mind that there is a brighter future waiting for you. You should work towards keeping your social life intact and keep away from remorse and repentance.

Seek professional help and guidance-

If you canít deal with seperation on your own, you should seek professional help. A professional counselor can guide you through trough situations. Professionals always have a much better way of dealing with situations and circumstances. Since different people with different mindsets come and go from their office, they would know how to deal with the situation.

For seperation you should also consider-

  1. A tentative time period or duration for the seperation, this could be three, six, nine months. You should not exceed the time duration of twelve months.
  2. After three months, you should set a time to meet and discuss the decision to separate.
  3. During the seperation period, you must agree to seek joint or individual counseling.

It would be advisable to seek help and assistance from a marriage counselor. A counselor would be neutral to what the couple has to say without being biased. With seperation you can add social resources to build new ties, gain strength and give yourself enough time to heal.

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