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What are the different grounds for divorce ?

In case of divorce, there are certain behaviors that constitute a legal reason for the court to grant divorce. Each state sets forth some reasons and you will need to check the divorce laws to see what reasons for divorce are recognized in your state. You should consult with your divorce attorney or inspect your state divorce laws to check what grounds for divorce are legal in your state. No fault divorce does not need to find any fault with any of the spouses. The couple can file for divorce on only one claim, Irreconcilable differences. Tis law is the concept of unilateral divorce and either partner feeling the urge to end the marriage is free to do so.

Before there was no arrangement like a no fault divorce. You had to prove that one spouse had something wrong or acted in a way causing a break down in marriage. Some one among the spouse had to be at fault to prove the grounds for a divorce. The reasons had to be established in the court of law and it included physical or mental abuse, adultery, etc.

Some of the common grounds for divorce are mentioned below.

Adultery:This means your spouse had sexual relations with some one. This can be used as a ground for getting divorce. However, after discovering this you are living with your spouse for six months, you cannot use this reason for divorce.

Abusive and cruel treatment :This covers all bad behavior like insults, violence, coldness, disgusing personal hygiene, inadequate sex, etc. mast of the divorce petitions may have about four to six short paragraphs describing the aspects of unreasonable behavior. Desertion

Addiction to drugs or alcohol :Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be used as a valid ground for divorce. Many a times this behavior results in cruelty or violence. For this to be used as a reason for divorce, the person has to be addicted for at least 2 years to be considered as a valid reason.

Long term incarceration:If the spouse is jailed for a long term for committing a crime, this can be a valid reason for divorce.

Impotency :This can be a ground for a divorce and also for annulment in some cases. If the spouse was impotent during marriage and the other spouse was not aware of it and discovered it after marriage. This reason must be supported by evidence or testimony or the case could be dismissed.

Irretrievable break down of marriage :This is a situation in which either or both the spouses no longer are willing to live with each other and thereby destroying their relation as husband and wife. In this case there is no hope of resumption of spousal duties. Irretrievable break down of marriage can be used as a reason for no fault divorce in many states.

Insanity :Lack of proper mental health can be cited as ground for getting divorce. In this case, the mental illness should continue for a number of years to be declared incurable. The duration may vary from state to state and you will have to look for the laws in your state while you file for a divorce on this basis.

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