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Divorce Guide

Questions to ask a divorce attorney ?

You are putting a lot of money in the process of divorce. It is smart to investigate a few things before you start your divorce process.

Before even you think about the divorce attorney, it is wise to get information about the divorce laws in your state. You can search some information on the sites. There are a number of sites that can provide you general and specific information on divorce. You can refer divorce sites of states by state professionals, support groups and articles. You can visit the state bar association websites and check for the family law section. Read some state divorce manuals and seminars giving information about divorce in your state.

You can get online information about the paperwork needed for the divorce. You may male a list of things and put together your finances. This way, you need not pay the lawyer for the work you and your spouse have already agreed to.

You may check sites giving some information about how to hire a divorce lawyer, when and how to ask questions to the lawyer. Make a list of questions to ask a divorce lawyer. It will help you to determine if they are a good divorce lawyer, an affordable lawyer and a good lawyer for your case. It is better to ask the same set of questions to the lawyers and write down their answers.

Questions about the lawyer’s expertise and experience may include:

  1. Percentage of divorce cases and family law
  2. Special training or certification of family law and divorce that makes them divorce specialist
  3. Years of experience
  4. Courtroom experience
  5. Number of cases that went for trial in the last year
  6. Additional expertise like child support, finance, etc

Questions about the lawyer’s management styles may include:

  1. Preferred strategy or philosophy for handling divorce cases
  2. Recommendation about mediation
  3. Trained in collaborative law or mediation
  4. Encourage/discourage direct contact with spouse

Questions about case management and contact may include:

  1. Heavy case load and time for my case
  2. How long will the divorce process take
  3. Who all will work on my case
  4. Personal negotiation of divorce
  5. Mode of contact like phone, mail, etc
  6. Copies of all legal documents and correspondences
  7. Malpractice insurance of firm

Questions regarding fees and expenses of divorce lawyers may include:

  1. If retainer is payable and how much
  2. Fees per hour
  3. How hourly fees are exactly charged
  4. Additional charge during trial
  5. Fees of other professionals like property appraiser, accountant, etc
  6. Fees of other people working on case like the assistant, secretary, etc
  7. How firm offers better value
  8. Provision of written agreement regarding fees and expenses

Other questions may include:

  1. If there is anything else you should know or if they want to add anything
  2. If you can meet others related to your case in the firm, now or later
  3. If you can call for further questions for divorce lawyer

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