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Is mediation right for you?

Mediation is categorised as an amicable compromise between parties. During a divorce, many couples opt to take the help of a third party mediator. The mediator meets the couples and helps the couple to reach an agreement in regard to their divorce.

Is mediation right for you?

  1. Mediation can be most helpful or right for you in contested family court cases. Mediation is used in cases involving divorce, alimony, property division and child custody.
  2. The mediator functions to facilitate a discussion or a dialog between the parties. The parties with the help of a mediator work through challenging issues and come to a conclusion or an agreement which is agreed upon. Thus the mediator pays attention and assists the parties in their decision making process.
  3. Mediation is right for your case, since the decision with regard to the agreement would be in your hands. The mediator would work in a manner which would make you feel comfortable. The mediator can either meet the couple in the same room or separately depending on the comfort level of the parties.
  4. Mediators are certified individuals who go through with proper training before taking up mediation. Before you begin with the process you can verify the mediatorís certification.
  5. For mediation to be a successful option, it would be necessary for both the parties to realise the importance to give and take.

The benefits of mediation-

  1. Mediation is categorised as a therapeutic experience, since couples are able to vent out their inner conflicts.
  2. Mediation involves much lower costs and less angst. Mediation is an agreement which is according to the parties and the parties are not forced to adhere to any stipulation.
  3. With mediation the issue in regard to child custody is looked into. Mediation as a process has shown to be less stressful for children. If you are willing to compromise with your spouse, it is worth a try to consider mediation as an alternative to settle disputes.

Divorce mediation-

  1. Divorce mediation is categorised as calm and rational negotiation. With the help of a mediator the parties neednít come face to face with each other, by doing so one can prevent unpleasant situations.
  2. In the process of meeting with a mediator, it would be necessary to list pending issues and make a list of what you are willing to compromise on.
  3. During mediation sessions there would be the partyís attorney, a neutral attorney or an attorney cum mediator. An attorney cum mediator would be helpful to inform both the parties of legal rights and responsibilities.
  4. The main goal of mediation is to hit upon a common ground with your spouse. If you feel that you and husband can compromise or have chances to step on agreement which suits both, you can surely try out mediation.

It should be noted that mediation would not be a suitable option in cases related to domestic abuse. Mediation is not a worthwhile option when parties refuse to compromise.

Mediating couples have shown to have a higher success ratio compared to non-mediating couples.

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