Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

How to stop divorce proceedings?

Divorce is a very difficult thing and if children are involved in this then it becomes all the more difficult. If the couple wants to stop divorce from taking place, it can be done.

Steps to stop the divorce process:

  1. The very first step n stopping the divorce procedure is to realize that it should be stopped. You should think and analyze your feelings. If you feel something for your spouse, confront your spouse with it. Find out if your spouse reciprocates.
  2. If you are sure you want to halt your divorce, the first thing to be done is to work things with your spouse. Both should work towards the same goal and should agree.
  3. There must be a willingness to make a positive difference. Both of you should be open to resolving the issues that lead to the filing of divorce. Both should have patience and tolerance and should understand that problems cannot be solved overnight.
  4. If both agree for reconciliation, handling the legalities should be done next. The one who filed for divorce should put the case on hold. All the attempts towards reconciliation should be made.
  5. You can withdraw the divorce petition along with your spouse in case judgment has not been granted. You can get a notice of revocation to stop the divorce proceedings. Courts allow the divorce proceedings to stop and go in for counseling, mediation and overall negotiations. you can go in for seeking therapy or counseling together and having a positive attitude to solve issues is important.

Things to remember to stop the divorce process:

  1. There is a waiting period in many states between the time that a divorce is filed and when it is finalized
  2. Divorce proceedings can be stopped but depend on the individual divorce chronology as a rule
  3. You should take a look at your legal documents to determine the stage of divorce proceedings
  4. Sometimes a divorce cannot be stopped as one of the party is not satisfied over some issue
  5. Some it is better to separate than to lead a miserable life together
  6. Many a times courts object any form of delay tactics and arguments that prove unreasonable in nature

Other things you can do to stop the divorce and maintain a healthy relation ship is to seek domestic bliss. You will have to work on qualities such as shared values and trust.

Keep communication open at all levels. This may help in resolving problems early and helps to make adjustments.

Strive for a relationship with equal power. Work out for suggestions and reach an agreement.

Be ready for a change and have the emotional mechanism to deal with it. You may monitor your relationship and renegotiate when a shift happens.

You should be fair in dealings and keep other persons needs in mind. If this does not happen, then the spouse may not work towards the same goal and undermine the benefits of marriage.

Finally, you can stop the divorce proceedings and work out a successful married life. Both of you should make efforts to put in your best and have a successful long term marriage.

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