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How to serve divorce papers

The divorce process is quite expensive and tiring for the spouse filing for divorce. You can serve the divorce papers on your own or even hire a lawyer to serve your divorce.

After you have finally decided to get going with your divorce it would be very essential to know and gather information in regard to serving divorce papers.

Serving divorce papers begins with the initial paperwork which is referred to as a divorce petition. Divorce petitions are also known as summons. Summons outline all the vital information all bout your marriage and what you are asking for in the divorce agreement.

How to serve divorce papers-

Recognition and receipt of service: During this step the divorce papers would have to be served to your spouse. The papers are personally given to your spouse by someone who is 18 years or above of age. When your spouse receives the papers and signs the same, is when the divorce process can actually begin. Your spouse would have to sign the papers and inform as how much time he would take to respond to the divorce papers.

Acknowledgment: For the divorce process to begin, the court would require proof that your spouse has been served with the petition. The petitions would have to be mailed to your spouse. The petition would have to be signed by the spouse along with date and returned to the filing spouse. If the petition is not returned in the required time period, you would have to take help of another method to get your work done.

Certified mail: After receiving the mail, your spouse would have to sign the envelope which is attached with the petition. The receipt on which your spouse signs would have to be returned to you and you would have to acknowledge the same. The signed receipt would also prove as evidence and act as proof of service.

Service rendered by sheriff or process server: If you want you can hire a sheriff or a professional process server. Your sheriff would be the one, who would deliver the divorce petition to your spouse. Since you would require proof for the same, a proof of service form would be filed out by the person who would be serving the petition. This petition would be later filed with the court.

Service by publication: If all the methods you tried have been of no use or have failed, the court would allow the service to be rendered by publication. During this method the divorce petition would be announced in a newspaper. The publication should be available in the same place your spouse resides. It would be thereafter required by you to return a copy of the newspaper notice along with a statement as to what was the duration the notice ran as it would act as valid evidence as proof of service in the court.

It should be noted that the divorce papers would have to be filed in a proper court and in the country where you would be residing. Different states have different laws and regulations in regard to divorce.

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