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Divorce Guide

How to save on the cost of your divorce?

Divorce is a tiresome and time consuming process. Along with emotional hurt it also causes huge amount of financial loss. It would be wise and beneficial to curtail the expenses on the legal front from day one. You can save on the cost of your divorce by being prepared and understanding the legalities involved with divorce.

The more you understand and know about divorce, the more you can end up saving.

How to save on the cost of your divorce?

You can save on the cost of your divorce in the following ways-

Be prepared for the start up meeting:

It would save you a lot of time and money, if you are prepared for the start up or initial meeting with your lawyer. You should have a brief summary of your circumstances because of which you have decided to divorce your husband and some basic details which include- your date of birth, your full name and address, the full name of your spouse and the names and ages of children if any. For your first meeting you should also bring along your financial position which would include- savings, shares, endowment policies and other family assets and valuables.

Get hold of your marriage certificate:

You should provide your lawyer with either the original marriage certificate or a certified duplicate.

Attain a valuation of your pension:

Pension is regarded as valuable asset of the family. The pension would be taken into consideration when looking at family assets. You can save currency if you are able to obtain a letter from you to your pension company stating a current transferable value. Your divorce attorney would always require an up to date valuation of your pension.

Ensure you have your financial documents:

You must have bank statements for the last year, your payslips, the valuation of your house, your latest credit card statements, details of any substantial asset that you may own and a statement of mortgage redemption from your mortgage company.

Select a suitable legal attorney:

You should work towards selecting a legal attorney who has valid experience and expertise in the field of divorce. When you have an experienced lawyer, he would make sure that the divorce process ends soon with less amount of money spent.

Reply to any correspondence without delay:

You can reduce the final bill of your divorce procedure, if you promptly reply to phone calls and letters. Your divorce attorney would charge you for phone calls and letters they make on your behalf.

Flat fee divorce:

Flat fee divorce is a one time fee that you would pay your lawyer. Ask your lawyer for a flat fee divorce, by doing so you would know the total cost of the divorce and how much it would cost you in the end. Flat fee divorce is one of the least complicated methods for paying for a divorce.

When you choose cost effective methods yourself, you can ensure that your final bill for your divorce would be low.

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