Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

How to get a divorce

Half the marriages end up in divorce and if yours is one of them, you should learn how to get divorce. This will enable you to protect your own interests and interests of your family. The divorce laws differ from state to state and you need to check the laws in your state. Divorce is a completely legal matter and you may need a lot of help for the paper work.

Steps to get a divorce

  1. You need to file a divorce petition in the court. You need to hire a divorce lawyer for this who can guide you and be with you until the end of the divorce procedure. You can buy an online divorce service if you want to go in for a do it yourself divorce.
  2. You will have to fill forms and you can obtain them from your lawyer or download them from state government judiciary websites. These forms are different for different states and different types of cases. It is necessary that you fill the exact divorce form for your case.
  3. Actual filling of the forms is very important. If you have a lawyer, it is wise to fill the form under his/her guidance. The details you mention will be considered while processing your divorce and cannot be changed.
  4. After you file, the divorce case is initiated in the state’s court. You are required to fill the form as a petitioner and your spouse becomes the defendant.
  5. Both the parties are asked to submit important documents regarding the information mentioned in the forms. This step is called as discovery and in this process, the court also interrogates both the parties and requests for admission of facts.
  6. The court gives a chance for mediation and in case it fails, then holds a trial.
  7. After the trial, the court issues a divorce decree stating who gets what and how.
  8. While getting divorce you need to follow some things to financially protect yourself.
  9. You will need to make a copy of all financial documents including all bank statements, tax returns, property deeds, stocks, bonds, insurance policies, and all the financial documents.
  10. Cancel all the joint accounts as soon as you learn of the divorce and withdraw half of the money from your joint account. Keep the receipt of this safely as it may be required in the future.
  11. You should look for a good divorce lawyer for your self. Ask around and interview before you choose one. It might help if your lawyer is well known and liked at your family court.
  12. Ask if your spouse is ready for mediation. It is important that you get your divorce amicably and you can save on quite an amount spend on attorneys.
  13. Check for alimony and child support. If you need support, initiate the proceedings as soon as possible as you will receive support only after you file for it.
  14. Negotiate for the child custody and child support if there are children

Divorce Guide

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