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Divorce Guide

How to get a divorce without a lawyer?

When you plan to get a divorce without the help of a lawyer, you can save up on huge legal bills and the fees of a lawyer. Getting a divorce on your own would also save you from numerous hassles. The method by which you get a divorce on your own is called the Pro Se method. The Pro Se method implies that you would be representing yourself in the court for your divorce.

The main procedure which is involved in getting the divorce would be the same without the presence of a legal attorney. You would have to get, fill and the file the divorce forms in court on your own with no outside help.

How to get a divorce without a lawyer?

When you are certain that you want to get through with divorce one your own, you would have to be both emotionally and legally prepared. You should be aware of the legal proceedings, legal documents and the entire divorce process.

In divorce the parties are known as the petitioner and respondent. Since you would be filing for divorce you would be referred to as the petitioner.

Steps to get a divorce without a lawyer-

Get state specific information: Before filing for divorce, you must work towards getting information about the requirements and the regulations which are prevalent in your state. You should remember each state has different rules in regard to divorce.

Resident requirement: For divorce to be granted, every state has a resident requirement. To file for divorce, you have to live in the state you are filing for divorce for a required time duration which is required by the state. The duration could be from six months to even a year.

Divorce forms: You should make at least three copies of divorce forms. These copies would be submitted to the clerk. You will get to keep one copy and the other two would be given to the court and the respondent. Filing fees vary from state to state.

Financial documents: You would have to have all the financial documents in order. Information would also be required on bank accounts, retirement pensions, mortgages and debts. The details which you provide must be accurate.

Some more divorce steps-

If you do have debts or mortgages, you maybe called in for a temporary order by the court.

While filing for divorce, you can request for your ex-husbands documents which maybe of any help for your case. While filing for divorce, you must discover and gather as much as information possible about your ex-spouse.

If you prefer not going to the court for your divorce, you can get your divorce completed with the mediation process. During the mediation process an unbiased third party is called to do all the required negotiations. The third party would discuss issues in regard to child support, child custody and division of property.

While in the process of getting a divorce, on your own you must visit your states website for additional information in regard to divorce and getting a divorce on your own.

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