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How to file for legal seperation?

Before actually going in for a divorce, it is necessary that the couple undergo the entire process of legal seperation. Legal seperation is a process before divorce. The time period which would be required before filing for a divorce would vary from state to state.

Information on legal seperation-

Legal seperation is an important step which is taken before divorce and can be granted before the court. There are different requirements by different states in regard to the duration of time required for the couple to be legally separated prior to divorce.

Some states require a mandatory waiting period, by doing so the couple has enough time to reconsider their decision of getting a divorce. During the seperation period the couple can work out things in regard to property and other valuables.

How to file for legal seperation?

A legal seperation is an agreement which is categorised as a legal document, which takes into consideration both the divorce as well as the marital agreement of the couple before a divorce. Legal seperation is only used for married couples.

The legal seperation agreement must be notarized and signed to become effective. The agreement must be entered into willingly including full disclosure from both the parties. Only when the agreement is entered voluntarily would be it enforced.

Since legal seperation can be used in divorce, it is vital that all the terms and conditions should be considered before filing in for paperwork with the court.

With the help of legal seperation the interest of both spouses is taken into consideration. Legal seperation papers would also address issues in regard to the custody of children.

Factors which should be considered for legal seperation are-

Property: If you are considering seperation, you should keep in mind all the assets and the manner the assets would be handled during the seperation period. For instance, you should decide if you would be leaving the funds in the bank account, freezing the funds or dividing the same. Credit card usage should also be clearly defined or mentioned.

Children custody- You and your husband would have to decide where your children (if minor) would reside and time distribution to be with the children. Both access to school information and communication between children and parents should be addressed before hand.

Monetary issues- For easy handling of funds, you should review your budget. Your budget would also depend on factors such as child support issues and the place where you would be staying.

While seeking legal seperation, it would be advisable to seek assistance from your attorney, so that you donít miss out important issues. Your attorney can make things much simpler and easier for you. You can discuss all the seperation terms with your attorney and what you like to address to your spouse.

It should be noted that legal seperation does not characteristically lead to divorce. During the seperation period the couple may reconcile and decide to remain married. If the couple wishes not to reconcile, they can thereafter file for divorce after the legal seperation period comes to an end.

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