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How to change your name after a divorce ?

There is no need to change your name after divorce. However, many find it important to change the name and return to their former self. Divorce changes ones life and it may do some good to get rid of your married name. It is seen as a positive step towards their new life. Some may even prefer to gat a new name altogether and this is symbolic to a new journey to freedom. A new life may begin with a new name and identity.

Steps to change name after the divorce:

In case you want to change your name after divorce, make sure to request the judge presiding your divorce make a formal order restoring your birth name. The name change order in your divorce decree serves as a legal proof of your indented name change. It will help when you file your state government forms.

  1. Decide what name you want for yourself. It could be your maiden name, a new last name or even an altogether new name. The name should define you and what you want to be.
  2. Think about this and make a list of names as this should not be a hasty decision.
  3. You may not want to hire a lawyer or any name change services as it could be expensive.
  4. You can go to a court and fill some documents. Fill out the name change form along with any other additional documents and forms and file it in the court.
  5. To request the judge presiding your divorce makes a formal order restoring your birth name or other name you wish. The name change order in your divorce decree serves as a legal proof and will help when you file your state government forms
  6. Obtain a certified copy of judgment from attorney or courts clerk office.
  7. When your new name has been approved, publish the legal notice in the papers.
  8. Contact Department of Motor Vehicles, social security administration, employers, bank, creditors, utility providers, etc. request for a change in name in their records.
  9. Visit the local social security office and department of motor vehicles and get the changes done. Carry the court order and other IDís.
  10. Send copies of court orders in case any one asks for documents to make the necessary changes. Send this only if it is really necessary as these papers contain other details of your divorce and you may not want to disclose it to every one.
  11. Inform your family, friends and the post office about the change in name.
  12. Correct your name on the luggage tags, stationary, address labels, checks, etc to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Tips to change your name after divorce

  1. In case you forgot to include a request to change name in divorce decree, contact the court immediately. Request for a change before a month of date of final divorce decree is issued. Divorce courts consider a name change within parameters of a nunc pro tunc, so it will be easy.
  2. Take advise of people you trust before changing your name and take a decision as per your wish.
  3. Make sure you change your name with every bank, investment account and online services. You may want to avoid any delays and confusions over identity.
  4. Make a list of places you need to inform about your changed name.

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