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Divorce Guide

Can you get a divorce if you're pregnant?

Divorce during pregnancy is a difficult thing. You can get a divorce while you are pregnant. You will have to check the state laws and then decide. You can get proper advice from a divorce lawyer.

In case your state laws permit you to get a divorce while you are pregnant, it is always wise to wait till you deliver the child. You may start the divorce process but finalize it only after the baby is born. This will also solve matters like child support, alimony, etc during the process.

This may also serve another purpose. It will give your spouse some time to think about the matters. Either things may change for better or you may get out of bad situation that may worsen with time.

You can get the divorce and have custody of the fetus as of now. There may be a long haul getting through the process and you need to be prepared for it.

There are some states that do not allow divorce during pregnancy. In such cases, you will have to wait till the child is born before the divorce is granted. You may have to establish paternity before the divorce is granted.

Dealing with an Unplanned pregnancy during a divorce:

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and going through a divorce, it is a bit difficult to handle. The terms of your divorce will change and include issues like child custody, child support, rights to child visitations. The baby will also link you to your ex spouse forever.

Some of the most challenges faced by a single parent are mentioned here.

  1. Making ends meet as the expenses increase
  2. Meeting all of your child’s needs
  3. Providing a stable and loving home
  4. There may be tensions and stress which may affect your developing baby
  5. Divorce is a difficult and life changing process and you may need help in the pain and the uncertainty it causes

Things to do while getting divorce when you are pregnant

  1. Get help from woman infant and children (WIC) offices from your place. They help pregnant women and small kids make ends meet. They provide you with some employment opportunities also besides providing assistance like food.
  2. Join a support group you can check the local community bulletin board , churches, hospitals for resources.
  3. Think positively and if you are forced to play the role of two parents, feel blessed. You will experience a miracle of birth and your Childs development.
  4. You can apply for subsidized housing or stay with parents, friends or anyone you trust till you get back on your feet. These people can provide for a home for your child and also provide your child with love, caring, understanding.
  5. Concentrate on remaining healthy as it will affect your child’s health. Do not in any case allow th stress of divorce affect your developing baby
  6. Make it a point to see to it that you provide your child ample parental care and always put your baby first and foremost.
  7. Do not go through the pain of divorce alone. Join the divorce support group and interact with other members. Get help from friends and family, it will help you face difficult times and give you strength while you go through divorce and pregnancy.

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