Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Can you afford a divorce?

Divorce is an expensive procedure and challenging time for divorcing couples. Divorce is an exhaustive event which can burn you emotionally as well as financially. Getting through with the terms in regard to divorce is time consuming. While filing for a divorce you should keep in mind: can you afford a divorce?

Divorce involves a lot of requirements and trips to the court. You would have to pay for a number of things including fees for the attorney, legal documents and divorce papers. You should keep in mind every procedure which involves divorce, would make you pay some amount of money.

Can you afford a divorce?

You should select an affordable lawyer who would help you with all the legal documents required in your state and would also assist you with various formalities.

With an affordable attorney, you can make sure that your divorce procedure is smooth sailing. If you have children you would have to take into account the following aspects- visitation rights, child support and child custody arrangements.

If you want to gain custody over your child, you would have to make sure that your finances are secure and sound. You would have to prove in the courts that you would be able to support your child in all aspects pertaining to medical care, dental care and schooling or further education.

It would be essential to protect your rights while going in for divorce. If your finances are not sound, the judge would probably entitle you with visitation rights.

Some tips in regard to finances and divorce-

Try and be realistic during your divorce to avoid a strain on your finances. While being married all your financial duties were shared with your spouse but after divorce you would have to take hold of your finances. You should be aware of what you own as an individual.

Calculate individual finances. When you calculate your worth and your ex-husbands worth, you can know where you stand individually.

Get the help from a financial advisor. Your financial advisor would help you with your finances and keep the finances in order. During the entire process you should be aware of the joint accounts, individual accounts and have copies of bank statements. With a financial advisor you would be aware of the financial implications of a divorce.

To avoid unnecessary expenditure, try and end your divorce as soon as possible. By doing do so you can avoid unnecessary expenditure on lawyer fees. Lawyer fees are extremely high and expensive. While hiring a lawyer make sure you ask about the fees in advance and how long the divorce procedure would take. When you know the fees and the duration of your case, you would be aware of your expenses.

Refrain from making your divorce a long drawn process. Donít bad mouth your partner and make your marriage dissolution a bitter episode. You can avoid unnecessary expenditure when you are more realistic about your financial backing and the costs involved in the entire divorce procedure. It would be wise to pay up all debts in advance.

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